It’s like I predicted what was to come when I called yesterday’s blog “Nice Warm Flat”. I booked a boiler service through the insurance. The boiler is the only thing I’ve got insured in this flat, remembering the long cold winter three years ago when I was Scrooging in a freezing warehouse and then coming home to a freezing flat. The guy came round, took the face off the boiler and swore. I got out of the way and let him work. I wasn’t going to give him any excuse to duck it. He cursed and spat and replaced a load of parts. But then he realised the gas intake was rusted at which point he lost his shit and condemned the boiler. “I should’ve called it at the start. I’m in too far now. You can’t switch it on. Someone will be back tomorrow. Sign this.” “Thank you.”


Again this culture of not doing it if there’s a way out. It’s to his credit that he persisted, and replaced all the parts that needed replacing until he hit a wall as he didn’t have a gas intake in his van. He’s a goodie.

He says he’s coming back tomorrow to fix it. Half of me believes him and half of me is expecting someone else to come around, tell me my insurance isn’t valid for whatever reason and plunge me back into freezing Hel for the rest of winter. It’s down to the individual, and that guy was a good guy. I suspect he’s in the minority.

I can’t wash tonight, but I’ve got an electric heater in my room so I can stay toasty. You don’t miss these things until you need them. I hope I don’t get one of those negative lazy bastards tomorrow like the oven guys who fucked my back.

Tomorrow I’ve got the guy from Bulb Energy installing a smart meter, and to double down I also bought a Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon, so with any luck once tomorrow is over the whole heating situation in Barclay Towers will be more energy efficient, cheaper and sexier. Either that or it’ll be more than everybody’s job’s worth and I’ll end up installing my own boiler without blowing up the house, carrying the old one out of the flat and dying of apoplexy surrounded by expensive intelligent machinery.

Today was a big day. I woke up before the pain woke me. I held off taking painkillers and as it happened I got to hold off all day. There’s a persistent mild discomfort but the shocking laser of hard constant pain didn’t rear its head today. Perhaps bodies mend themselves after all. Perhaps I’ll just get better now. I’m still going to go to my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and ask for a referral to a physio as I don’t want this shit recurring, but FUCK YEAH.

As if in celebration, Flavia came over this evening and we watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang curled up under a blanket on the sofa. Old friends…


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