Nice warm flat

I’ve been very aware of the darkness today. This is the hardest month, and I’m glad there’s been distraction in the shape of this filming and various other projects on the horizon. I’m back at home and tired much earlier than usual. I’ve got an appointment with my GP on Wednesday morning, but part of me is tempted to just pay a physiotherapist. I really want to know what’s wrong. The mornings are still stark with pain and the over the counter drugs have stopped working so well now. My body has got used to them.

Today I was turning a friend’s flat over in North London. It looks likely I’ll be shifting my base to Hampstead for a month or so to flatsit for her. It’ll mean I can go for long walks on the heath on bright winter mornings, which can only help with the January blues. She had some guests over the New Year who trashed the place and ended up being so egregious that she’s not allowed to have anyone stay but me from now on – I’m ok in that I’m known to the landlord, and he understands that I’ve got my own place and am just there for maintenance purposes. So be it. It’s a lovely thing for me, to be able to kick around in Hampstead for a few weeks and see London from a different point of view, at the cost of occasionally changing a fuse or collecting mail. This city changes it’s shape geographically and socially depending on where you lay your head in the evenings. It’ll be good to see it North-headed for a change. I’ll probably end up seeing friends I don’t see so often living in the South West. London is basically lots of little self contained cities under one big umbrella, with excellent if expensive transport links connecting them together.

I’m back in Chelsea for now, again. Back in my warm flat and finding it much more like home than it felt when I got back from America and the cat was gone. Incense burning, bath running and I’ve booted up the laptop for a game of Half Life 2 just for the nostalgia while I work out where the fuck I put my Christmas book tokens after finishing my novel.

I’ve got plans for the flat now which I think I might finally be able to achieve in a month or so. I’ve been researching companies that could come in and sort out the bathroom. A shower, tiles, new carpets, new doors and a bit of work on the electricity and a bit of sorting in the kitchen and I can start to feel I’m living in a grown up flat instead of student digs full of antiques. Oh and a big push on eBay to get the rest of the random junk moved on. If I go to Hampstead I’ll make sure my room is tenanted and I can use it as practice for potentially lucrative Airbnb fun at significant times of the year, such as the Chelsea Flower Show, or if I book a tour…


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