Sausage and beans

All the days are blurring into one in this little corner of the year. I genuinely thought I’d written the blog for today and then I couldn’t work out where it was and then I realised that I did that yesterday but today was much the same and I’d forgotten that today and yesterday weren’t the same day.

Today I had a first. A new experience. I sent two glasses of wine back in one night, which is a record. Whoever was working the bar at The Lucky Club before Christmas didn’t use the air pump very well, if at all. I found myself trying to drink two horrible things – one merlot and one cote de rhone. Both of them were hideous and yet being polite it was a while before I accepted – after a second opinion from Tristan – that actually I could just send them back. It was particularly hard the second time.

In both instances I got a second opinion before I went to the bar to complain. In both instances it had sat over Christmas and gone wrong. I’ve barely ever complained about anything in that frame, but tonight it was two different bottles and I did it for both. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.

Now I’m home and trying to consume the remaining leftover Christmas food.


Today involved chipolatas with beans and Christmas veg. It’s the last of the Christmas veg in terms of lifetime. I reckon the cheese has one more day. The turkey casserole is finished.  There’s still a bit left, but mostly now we are back to normality.

So much to come.. There’s the joy. Rebecca, Brian, Jack and I are looking at potentially going international with Carol next year, not to mention all the delightful things we have been dreaming up in the process of this year’s show. There’s a possible feast for Beltane as well as this one for midwinter. We are looking towards marking the major festivals with a spot of one to one storytelling, as has been traditional for thousands of years before the big screen came and stole our communities. There’s so much potential.

Sam came tonight with Tom. She was our stage manager and third actor in Sheffield and York last year. She is amazing. So lovely and strange to have her in the audience after all we went through last year. I also had an old schoolfriend, who had booked without telling me. He is a vicar now, so understands even better than me what it means to be the hub of a community. Edmund. It was so good to see him. I also had my best friend’s parents in. I hope and trust that they had a lovely night. They ended up sat opposite a small group of people who were in the movie business. I’ve ended up with a delightful woman giving me her number with an eye to potential collaboration down the line. She’s not fucking around either. She’s directed movies you’ve heard of. Game on. This coming decade is going to be brilliant. But it won’t stop me occasionally cooking sausage and beans. Om nom nom.

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