Boxing Day rest

Sixteen souls and two dogs. I’m still reeling from the Christmas mayhem. But I have two consecutive days off, so it’s possible to recover in time for the show tomorrow.


By the time I woke up the morning after, Nanki had already gone. “I knocked,” she tells me by WhatsApp. I heard nothing.

I wandered barefoot and stinking into the living room to find one of my guests rising from the sofa in her voluminous skirts and announcing that she was going to the pub. It was about 11am. “Do you want to come? I’ll get you a drink?”

I respectfully declined in the interests of my own continued existence, and got on with the pressing business of finishing the smoked salmon with some poached eggs and charcuterie. There are lots of leftovers.

In previous years I’ve gone out on Boxing Day and on many of the days thereafter, and eventually realised that the leftovers are not fit for human consumption and binned them. This year I’m trying to be as resourceful as possible in preventing waste, because I’m also shifting out of a consistent weekly wage into the more sporadic business of filming so it’s time to pull the drawstrings tighter, especially after Christmas oven and food splurge.

I made a leftover turkey casserole using one of my mother’s recipes. Shove it all in a pot with gravy and heat it up. I reckon the mushroom pie will make it until after the show tomorrow.

As for cleaning and tidying, yes we did a good amount as we went along. But we could certainly have done more. I took an executive decision to do the bare minimum today. I’ll blitz the rest of it tomorrow morning with Campbell and then see how nice I can make the flat for New Year and the end of the Christmas Carol run so I can fly full forward into the next decade.

Campbell is in the living room noodling on my ex girlfriend Anna’s guitar (she gave it to me over 20 years ago but I always think of her when I play it). The bath is running. The heating is working and I’m sitting in a warm room at about 11pm with a nightcap bottle of Estrella left over from the party. I’ll likely read for an hour and then wind to sleep, grateful for a quiet day. This little period between Christmas and New Year is a lovely time to recover and regroup in warm places. And I needed a good rest.

I’ve done something to my shoulder. For the last few weeks I can only sleep on my left side without pain. I got to the bottom of it. I was doing a repeated unnecessary and unsafe action as Scrooge. I’m aware that it’s not a very visible moment so I’m overextending to make it was visible as I possibly can. I don’t need to. So I’ve stopped. It’ll recover now. But I should’ve been paying more attention.

So many ideas and projects in the coming year. It’s going to be one hell of a decade. I’m winding back the spring to shoot myself forward.

Author: albarclay

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