America Day 26 – The Embassy

I’ve found a shady little bench in the grounds of The Alamo. Nobody comes here. It’s just me and the birds. It’s peaceful and people aren’t trying to sell me anything. I can sit here and calibrate my head.

We were persistently harassed by bees at lunch and it made it extremely hard to wind down. I’ve gone off to do so here instead. Strange that this little corner of this historic mission can prove to be the most restful part of downtown San Antonio that I’ve been able to find.

We are all a little bit sick. I blame the aircon, as we’re constantly going from hot climate to cold climate. Our bodies just don’t know how to prepare themselves. The fact we’re sick isn’t taking away from the work ethic though. We had an afternoon free today but we chose to spend it on the stage of The Empire running and activating notes to make the play flow tighter and smarter. I love that we still do that sort of thing. We still want this to be the best it can be.


The Empire stage where we’ll perform tonight backs more or less directly onto the stage at The Majestic. The Majestic is not a misnomer either. It’s incredible. We would be swamped by grandeur performing on that stage. It is perhaps the single most opulent theatre I have ever visited. We were all strolling around in muted wonder at the sheer balls-out ostentation of the place. It’s like a more permanent version of the set for a big budget Christmas Show at The RSC. It seats over 2.5k punters. Seeing it makes me want to make that Davy Crockett Musical, although I get the sense nobody plays for more than a few nights there. The walls are all made up of Cats and Miss Saigon. A hell of a theatre to visit but the 500 audience we have booked for tonight would be rattling around like dry peas in a bucket in there.

“You see that high up balcony there? That’s from segregation times. We never use it at all now. There’s a separate door, separate lift, separate waiting area. There’s no way to get between it and the rest of the theatre. And the the view’s terrible if you do.” If I was on stage I wouldn’t be able to see anyone standing at  that balcony. It’s designed like that…

Anyway, I’ve got a 500 year old play about love and death to make funny just down the road.

It was lovely. Again. Even if we are all sicker than we’re letting on. We all had to sign autographs in a line after the show. It was like we were at a convention. They all came through shaking hands with us all, and getting selfies, and now there are loads of posters and programmes with our names on them on shelves or in drawers or bins or cabinets in San Antonio. They’ll be worth millions one day, I tells ya.

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