And here comes summer again, although my city is full of people calmly gluing themselves to things in order to remind us that the climate isn’t really doing what it should and that it’s entirely our fault. I’ve been getting on with the business of listing things on eBay – (better for the world having a second hand mug than a new one!) Firstly I had to try to make some sort of order out of the chaos. I have more boxes I’m going to have to bring into the house and I’ve not been very ordered yet with the ones that are already here.

The current plan is to consign silverware and the endless busts – oh there are so many busts – to the attic until porcelain is done. It’s easier to clean smoke damage from porcelain for starters, and I had to choose a category. Here are some of the mugs, on the table, ready for listing. I couldn’t have a dinner party right now but I could manage one hell of a tea party if there was anywhere to stand.


I had no idea it was a bank holiday until Brian didn’t go to work. I thought maybe he was sick. Then another friend of mine who is about to launch a multi million pound start up showed up for lunch and I realised when we got to pop-Brixton that there was definitely something bank-holiday-ish going on when it was completely rammerjammered and loads of people were having lunchtime beers. I had a mini raclette and moaned about the fact the post office was closed. Then he showed me his amazing new pad with a view of Buckingham Palace. He’s killing it right now.

Work today, such as it is, was walking around Battersea Park with a statuesque Welsh beauty, repeatedly talking through the same three short scenes from Shakespeare, occasionally swearing and occasionally laughing. We will have to perform the scenes at 8 in the morning on Tuesday to a load of hungover delegates, so it’s good to get them drilled. Hungover delegates can smell hesitation. You can’t drop the ball. It was a lovely few hours, and I’m feeling more confident about it all now. The two of us have worked together so much on random things like this that we’ve refined a kind of shorthand. But we both know that these new scenes are harder to retain than the usual fayre – and one of them is in French…

I got back home anxious to get some decent box arrangement done before it got too late, only to find a triumphant Brian having built the flatpack IKEA television stand we bought last week and have been procrastinating about ever since. It took three days for me to get it up from the van, and it’s been halfway up the stairwell since then. Now at last the thing is complete, and we no longer have a television balanced on a pair of chairs! No time to watch tv though.

After sorting through impossible quantities of plates I settled down to photographing tons of minute little pieces of vintage crested china by WH Goss – made to be collectible. There are some pretty bits. But there’s SO MUCH stuff in my flat. It is all going on eBay. I just need to get more efficient at listing…

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This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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