eBay spring

A beautiful spring day. Brian made bread and I tried to list as much as I could on eBay. It’s mostly mugs and weird bits of China right now – things that stand alone and that I can see no use for in theatre. I know more about maker’s marks on china than I ever thought I’d know. I honestly don’t give a fuck about porcelain. I don’t like it when people know that sort of thing. “This is a valuable plate!” No. It’s not. It’s just a plate. Hundreds of years ago, one among many skilled craftsmen was friends with the right people. His work was forefronted by his friends with ancestral money. A consensus was arrived at that his work was the one to be coveted, causing the broke aspirational people to prize said work. He employed a load of other people and churned out as much as possible with his name attached whilst his star was in the ascendant. Those pieces have value purely because they’ve always had value. I find some of them attractive. I find some of them vile. Consensus beats taste and logic. There are too many people who don’t feel they’re allowed to have an opinion in matters of art. People with spending power have intimidated them with jargon. “What do I know about art?” “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW EVERYTHING BECAUSE THAT’S YOUR OPINION AND YOU’RE ALIVE! SCHOOL ME!”

After a morning of eBay it was off to pretend to be a golfer again for a few hours at Smithfield. The blossom is just about holding, but also it is scattering all over the little lawn I’m working on. Someone has attached a little knitted pouch to the branch of the tree that I work beside. It’s beautiful. I took a photo. That’s a piece of expression that has given me joy. And it was never meant to be observed and recorded, which makes me like it even more.


I put a bunch of treasure hunters through their paces today, including one team full of asshat grownups who have forgotten how to “play”, or never knew how in the first place.

Then I went home where I clicked the eBay machine back into motion. I’ve scheduled a whole heck of a lot of listings for tomorrow. If my van was empty I’d likely have gone to my storage and emptied it so I can sort the rest. But it’s full of somebody else’s fucking wood. It goes out on Tuesday.

I’m booked until Thursday next week, so Thursday will be the time to carry boxes. Fuck knows how I’ll keep the van parked meanwhile. The permit ran out days ago but I’ve been lucky so far. I would’ve emptied it today but I can’t really get in it for all the damn timber. I might try and rearrange contents tomorrow so I can move around a bit more. Ideally I wanna get myself to Cambridge and pick up all the junk I dropped out when I loaded the Rotterdam set. I’ve got a trip to the dump planned on Tuesday. If you’re throwing stuff out it’s worth mentioning it to me. I’m a van so they charge by the weight. But I’m already taking loads of weight, so a bit more is likely not to make a difference. Just don’t load me up with lead and asbestos.

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