While parliament is imploding live about our future as a political entity, and I’m trying to work out how much I should sell a Hermes belt for, some guy living in an RV park has bought the dog hair clipper-set with VHS training video that I listed as an eBay practice for £18.00 of difficult to find money. I feel implicated even as I’m glad of the cash.

I’ve been watching the live stream in parliament. Letwin’s amendment is about to be voted on. There’s a good turnout in parliament considering the time of night. Lots of people brightly dressed, maybe lots of them having traveled a long way to be there and represent their constituents, coming from dinner. Even though there’s a wonky old shoebill crane running the show, surrounded by yarking little monster-chicks all hoping they’ll be next to mainline person-blood, it’s worth remembering that a lot of politicians actually care about their constituents. The ones at the top mostly don’t give a fuck about anything other than their bank balance and pride. But this evening all these brightly dressed people are potentially presiding over something unprecedented in UK politics and many of them have morality at the fore. They aren’t all monsters. Just the ones we see the most frequently.

Bercow is now managing terrific uproar as everyone recalibrates the meaning of what is going on. His huge voice is suffering.

I’m just going to keep listing things on eBay while everything explodes…

I worked in Dubrovnik two years ago. It was beautiful there and I was so happy. The referendum landed halfway through the job amid great consternation. The morning of the result was the launch of “British Week” in Dubrovnik, and we were asked to pose for the local paper with Union Flags. We all refused, not wanting to be in the most recently joining country, waving patriotic flags having just voted to depart. I’ve worked repeatedly in Amsterdam too, but not since the vote.

The easy work links with Europe have helped me in the past, both to get work and to tick over with it.

But I don’t understand the greater picture any more than you do. I trust that the same people who are now making the speeches of their lives at 11pm in Parliament will understand better than me, and I applaud their work ethic for getting stuck in like this.

I can barely remember when British politics wasn’t a complete shitshow. I’m sure there was a time when we weren’t a laughing stock. Ok fine so Trump has helped deflect some of the ridicule, and behind all of it Putin sweats a bit more into his guppy forehead, makes someone else quietly vanish, blows his nose and makes sure the world knows he definitely isn’t a dictator. But the West looks terrible at the moment, split down the middle on every issue.

I dunno… I’m just going to keep trying to be nice to people. I feel bad about the guy in the RV Park spending £20 on a clipper set for his dog. I’ll send him the static brush too, as nobody has bid on it and it makes a set. Then at least he’ll have a nice looking dog while the world goes to shit.


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