Forgot Day Job

There I was, enjoying my lazy morning. Me and Pickle snoozing. Contemplating getting up for coffee when a private number rings me. I don’t answer. Probably a cold caller. They leave a message.

“Hi Al, where are you? We are expecting you at work today.”

Fuck. So much for a recalibrate. I knew there was something picking at the edges of my memory last night as I went to sleep.

One of my ticking over jobs. Invigilating. Low down my list of priorities and with the acting work bearing fruit at the moment, almost completely forgotten. They’ve also recently switched to online payslips only, and I literally have no idea how to lodge them, thus I’m not even seeing any financial effect despite my hours in work. I should work that out, and hopefully they’ll be game to allow back-payments. Anyway, I had to blow half an hour’s wage in an uber, and arrived shirt untucked with two scarves and bleary eyes just in time to sit here in this stark ventilated room, under the cameras.


And that’s it. There is only one person taking the exam in this room. He’s an extra time candidate, probably doing a retake considering its a Saturday. When I have lines to learn this is a great job as I can roll them round in my head as I sit in a concentrated room, so long as I don’t accidentally leak spoken words. Right now I don’t have anything to learn but for extra parts in Macbeth for The Factory, and I think I’m doing another exam in the afternoon. I haven’t got my Macbeth cut script or I’d drill in Malcolm.

It’s at least peaceful here. And concentrated. I can write an early blog and then wind down this evening after the show. All I’m doing on Sunday before the show is lunch.

Macbeth is on tonight but I’m not in the squad because of Pantechnicon. Loads of my friends are going to the Castle Climbing Centre to play it in what will prove to be a very unusual space, and to a sold out audience. It’s good to see the squad is back online and punching. It’s a very exciting show and company to be part of and I strongly suspect that this climbing Macbeth will signal the return of the old regular Sunday shows in unusual places that formed an operational core of the company when we were regularly swinging.

So it’s busy. If things go according to plan, there’s a lovely warm gig on the horizon (NDA and carrying an interesting selection of bloggy difficulties, but I’ll find a way even if it’s just book reviews for a few weeks).

I’m rehearsing daytimes, performing evenings, and have a lovely Factory squad I can drop into so long as I’m up to date with my homework. This invigilating dayjob seems less and less relevant to the way in which I turn my time into money now. I’ve seen a few dayjobs come and go over the decades. I’m wondering if this one still serves the me that has emerged after walking Camino. I think it might just be a time sink. Roll on the lucky phone call…

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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