One pint

I just got home and I’m crashing hard. The last few days have provided much that was lovely, but precious little time to stop and recalibrate. I woke up this morning and fought through the rain to a remarkable and historic hotel in the heart of London. I had left my card at home, and successfully made my first foray into mobile phone payments for public transport. We were on a scout. I’m involved in a company of actors who will be doing a lovely thing there before long. I arrived flustered having been unable to buy myself the requisite morning coffee. “I don’t suppose there’s any chance of a free coffee?” I asked someone. There was and it came on a silver tray. “That would normally cost £7” Brian tells me by text. Good to know. In the state I was in this morning it would’ve been worth it.


After a morning of sorting logistics and thinking about these interesting spaces we are going to be playing we went back to the rehearsal room and ran the play. It’s a beautiful piece, and gets me every time. My part in it is currently pretty small, but as the director said “We’ll work out the immersive content on Monday and Tuesday.” That’ll be when I come in to play.

Rehearsal finished at half five. Then I had to rush home to get the van and roll it in to Waterloo. We weren’t ready to play a show when we opened, but good humoured audience members allowed me to run around and get the cups from the cab, and my very dissipated and confused character allowed me to cope with the fact that nothing was where I needed it to be inside the van for the first hour of working.

We had a good intake throughout the night, capped at 10.30 by some excellent friends made at Wilderness Festival, who booked out the van and would’ve made it a party all night if tech didn’t show up to unplug us almost immediately the show ended.

It being February I went for a beer with them afterwards, and God I’m feeling it now. I only had one pint, as I knew I’d be rolling home, but now I’m home and the duty is discharged it’s rolling through my system, slamming me hard towards bed. I won’t need any more. After a month dry I’m a super cheap date.

I’ll probably drink a pint of water and pass out momentarily. Tomorrow morning there’s time to chill. I’ve got nothing apart from Pantechnicon in the evening tomorrow. I’m going to stay home, eat healthy food, feed the cat properly and wind this last week out of myself while building content and storing energy for another long week next week.

Fun to be so busy. More please! 🙂

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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