Beauty sleep

One more week of evenings in the van and it’s starting to be really lovely now. We are ticking over nicely and people seem to enjoy it. I’m certainly having a whale of a time. But the van is getting quite disordered.

My character is mixing hallucinogens, and unsure of his location in space or time, but very happy if a bit confused. It works as a catch all, as I frequently have to set up very quickly and get started on an evening of shows. Things get lost. I am currently convinced that a particular audience member nicked my pack of smokeless incense, but I’m also just as aware of the possibility that it’s going to show up buried somewhere. I’m holding off cursing her with boils until I’ve made absolutely certain it’s not in a pile of random stuff.

I could never live on a narrowboat, no matter how much I like being on the things when they belong to someone else. Working in this van has been a trial by fire. I can barely keep my area in order. I’ve created a marquis who is so confused and schizophrenic that it’s legit for me to lose things. But I keep bringing interesting stuff into the van  in case I want to give it away to audience members.

My key fell out of my pocket during a show last night, and I was extremely lucky that my nephew had slept through the departure time of his megabus, or I would never have got home to sleep yesterday. I gave him £50 for a plane back up to Aberdeen as it’s not about spending 13 hours in a bus, no matter how you try and style it out that it gives you time to work or think or whatever. He’s next door right now trying to stay awake as he had to leave about 3. I was about to crash when I remembered I haven’t written this yet. I’m often so chilled out after an evening in the van that I forget this. But I appear to have a last second impulse that kicks me out of the slumberdrift and into making words on my phone with one eye open.

Full time rehearsal in the day with no evening shows for the next two days, and then it’s busy busy logistical nightmare time until the 8th. I’m going to close the other eye and drift away. This week will be lovely, but complete. I’m going to get my beauty sleep. In my terrifying onesie…


Author: albarclay

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