Shoot day

Long long amazing day. I am running on positivity and nothing more as I lie in bed at last wondering how the hell I can be stubborn enough to still try and write. But I guess that’s the deal now.

If CVs were important to me I’d have no idea how to credit myself. Voice Actor, driver, casting director, recruitment consultant, PA… That’s some of it.

Today was full on. I rolled with some punches and converted a lot of energy. I enjoyed every second of it, and was thrilled to see some old friends of mine absolutely killing it. There was one job I knew was going to be a nightmare. I gave it to a man who can turn that nightmare into a joy. He did precisely that. It was a remarkable feat and I loved watching him do it.

I got to go round the back of things. I love that about this business. I did a show in the Tower of London, and got to hang out there after hours. I was playing Buckingham, and was free to wander. In a gap, shortly before I was executed, I wandered over to the block and briefly lay my head on it. Then I went back and spoke my “lead me officers to the block of shame. Wrong hath but wrong and blame the due of blame.” A remarkable thing to have had that chance. And today there were many chances like that.

I got to drive around in a park for the first time ever. I learnt that geese genuinely don’t give a shit about cars.


I spent the morning ferrying around a hungover Czech and a highly strung Dutchman. I couldn’t really be bothered with either of them. They struck me as bored and entitled, but it’s likely they were just exhausted. They’ve been rushing around all over the place. Kim was with me and I liked her more, despite her ambition and the fact she had the hump about not being a driver. We got to go places people normally can’t go. We were following a well known kiwi who blagged us in to shoot from the roof of New Zealand House.

We covered a fair amount of ground and ended up in a market watching loads of people run around. There was a lot of craziness. We came out on top. I saw parts of the market I never knew existed.

I then got home and had a beautiful evening, unexpectedly, with a remarkable human who is staying on the sofa. She has gone through a deep change this year, and was sitting on my roof watching the sunset and playing her ukelele. I was expecting to just crash, but instead I sang songs to the sunset with a bottle of prosecco, and then we grabbed a cheap Monday steak.

I’m totally exhausted now. I’ve had just one eye open throughout this exercise, but remarkably it has taken me no more than 20 minutes. That’s my word-rate nice and high. Now for the novel…

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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