Friday brain dump

Today I’ve been bouncing from friend to friend, enjoying the fact that my work is done for the week. It’s been a good week for craziness, and a good week for random jobs. In a month I’ll be very glad of this week. Right now I’m still a bit broke. I want more weeks like this one. As random and unusual and strange as ever, but properly remunerated.

The most impactful event this week in terms of this blog is that Iona posted me her old handset. It’s about 7.3 million times better than the brick I’ve been using. I can write with it. I can install my banking apps. I can blog and edit without fear of losing everything I’ve written. God Bless her little cotton socks. IF THEY REALLY ARE COTTON SOCKS.

Iona’s old phone is why my last 2 blogs have been a little less chronological. I don’t have to just spew. I can spew and then wipe it up if it stinks.

Yesterday I was down on tech. I was using my new found technological freedom to rail upon the very device that was giving me that freedom to rail. I do that sort of thing a lot. Like my habit of killing dayjobs and then kicking them until they stop twitching. I attack the thing that helps me. I’m getting better at not doing that but man, self-sabotage is a seductive mistress.

Today I’m fond of tech. And that’s fine. I’m allowed to change my opinion as much as I want. I’m allowed to change my behaviours. We all have that privilege. We should be able to shift. Often we see journalists telling someone “You said this 5 years ago. Are you saying that you’ve changed your mind?” As if changing our mind or our outlook or our behaviour is somehow transgressional. This is further cemented as a received notion by the old echo chamber that I rail against from the inside, where it tries to feed us opinions we agree with. It’s perplexing. It can only narrow us down.

And yet in my social media echo chamber alongside me I see some remarkably diverse opinions and backgrounds. People on both extremes of the right and left spectrum, although mostly on the libertarian side of the authority gorge.

We all need to be careful not to entrench. Politics, religion, human affairs – there is no absolute. We are hacking this together as best we can communally. Over here in my opinion we have a swamped leadership and a divided opposition, haunted by an inevitable shift into an isolation that feels like poison. We have an increasingly secular populace despite much of the land belonging to a church that is trying perhaps too late to shift with the times. We have a campaign of accountability that is already being marginalised as the product of my industry, whereas in fact it’s present in every single walk of life but the people aren’t yet ready to speak out. But that’s my perspective.

There are people I admire who think Theresa May is strong and stable. Who think Brexit is a shining hope for the economy. I have many very strong beautifully faithful Christian leaders who I count as friends. They are effecting massive positive change in their communities, whatever another section of my friend-base might have to say about their beliefs, almost as if those beliefs were not hard won and harder kept. Faith is unbelievably difficult and I admire them hugely. And I have friends who would say “Oh come on all this #MeToo stuff is just attention seeking.” And I’d engage with that. Because we can’t just decide we are right and other people are wrong no matter what our emotions yell at us. We have to isolate from the majority and assess things coldly. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking today. I can change my mind. I probably will.

Goodnight from Hampstead.


Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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