Mk II: Tired and sick

Another double blog day today. I wrote one a few hours ago. But I have to write it in the live blog because I have no notepad app and no room on the phone from hell. Just now the whole thing just loaded up blank. So here we go again.

Remember the days when this was easy? “The technology. She no worky.” Those days will come again. I will force them to. Somehow.

I’m on the tube so I run the risk of losing it all again if I let my phone go to sleep, so I’ve just got to keep writing which I’m not too concerned about because I want to go to sleep now here right now on the tube. This writingness willmay stop that from happening.

Stuff happened today and that’s what this is supposed to be about, isn’t it, this writing thing blog thing thing.

People rehearsed in my flat while I waited on hold to energy companies trying to organise payment plans. I’m auditioning for a job in America soon and the last adventure I need is a county court ruling when/if it comes to magical visa-time at the new embassy that tinyhand hates so much.

They make you listen to the most offensive selection of inoffensive music, these megaliths, before you get to their human phone-being. I spoke to the humans though. And mostly the humans were understanding. So long as there’s money at the end of it for them I guess.

I think I’m in control of things now as far as possible. But damn I’m beginning to miss consistent or well paid proper employment (acting) financially and I’m very deeply aware that since I started this blog about a year and a half ago I also started the longest run I’ve ever had without it. It’s karma banking. That’s all. And the stuff I’m making in collaboration is ticking over. Generally it’s just an expression of the universal human aspiration. “I want more.” “You’ve got stuff.” “I want more.” “Look at that person. They have less than you and they’re fine.” “More.” “Run for office.”

I’ve got a photo about the rush hour because I went on the tube in the rush hour. It’s more relevant to the last lost blog than this one but you’re getting it. People jostling together, sharing diseases, shoving, tutting, and barely breathing.


Why was I on the tube in rush hour? Well I’m sick and I forgot that I had a Factory show in bloody damned Archway. I lucked out finally in casting in that I needed peace and I got it. I only had to cover Macduff’s son and Menteith so I could sit out a lot and just play when needed. Normally I’d be frustrated but it was just what the doctor would’ve ordered if I’d had the sense to go to the doctor.

Now I’m still standing, walking in fact, back through the mercifully mild evening to Sloane Square, feeling like death. Tomorrow, of course, I’m dayjobbing. Oh the delight of an early start. It better not be raining in the morning.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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