Question marks

There I was being all complacent and thinking I could get away with pulling something over my face and hiding in the crowd in tomorrow’s Macbeth showing. “Chris has got Banquo covered,” I said to myself. I can just swan in, do a lord or something, bish bash bosh, no pressure, there at the start, doesn’t stand or fall on my knowledge, “Factory Macbeth – yeah I did that”. I rolled in all chilled to the session this morning, an hour late, and there’s the usual crowd, these beautiful hearts who have been part of my life for so long, Chris on his crutches wait what crutches? Fuck.

Yeah so I’m in the mix for Banquo now. I have to make sure I know the order of the scenes and actually be alert.

Chris didn’t fall out of a tree like some eejits do. He’s had a knee operation, but it’s taken it out of him more than he anticipated. And knees are notoriously fiddly things. If they go weird they don’t fix nicely. We have to take care of them. God outsourced the knee building bit to the intern. It’s nice to have a sergeant on crutches and it’s less movement dependent to play a dying man. So it looks like I’ll Banquo it up again. In Wales I was in excruciating pain after my oak-dive. The pain lent me a certain depth and helped me remember to ground myself, which is my usual first note from the director. So now I’ll likely get to play Factory Banquo physically healthy for the first time (if a bit fatter than usual.) And within that hopefully I’ll remember to stay grounded. And this time if Macbeth slaps me on the back in an embrace I won’t scream like I’m giving birth and almost pass out. Although manly back-slapping is all a bit claspy-handshakeland, so probably should go in the bullshit pile with all the other stuff people do more frequently on stage than they do in real life. Brian and Mel are on the list as audience. Oh hell. So much for a chilled out show.

Early bed tonight then. The reduced gods are kind and have decreed pies for Brian and I. I’m winding down already, and it’s only half eight. Part of me is obsessing over shared lines and scene endings for Banquo bearing in mind it won’t be easy for players to clock out and check their scripts tomorrow. We’ll need to know it.

Most of me though, to sidetrack utterly, is getting extremely angry about this blue question mark that WordPress has imposed on me. It’s there in the most useful part of my screen making it hard to edit and serving absolutely no purpose other than to obstruct. I’ve got to the stage where I can blog on even this godawful mobile, and then they throw another thing in my way. Grrr. Someone was probably paid loads of money for that shit. I’ve already sent them two tweets about it because it’s seriously obstructive. Like they’ll give a shit.





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