Mirrors round the sun?

That turned out to be an entertaining and fun morning in the Docklands. I ended up in involved conversations about how feasible it might be to create a Dyson Sphere. Not in our lifetime, I concluded. But who knows, the speed at which things move. We also talked about plasma and this wonderful impossible dream where they think they might have got marginally more power than they put in from an artificial sun in America. They suspend plasma with magnets and pump power into it to superheat it while trying to pull off the energy it creates. It’s the sort of thing that will scare the fuck out of you if you aren’t confident in all the things that have led us to believe it is controllable. The large hadron collider was supposed to cause a singularity somewhere in the Indian Ocean that would quickly suck all matter in the solar system into it. It didn’t. It just got a few boffins excited about Higgs Boson activity and so on.

Eventually our hubris will destroy us, yes sure. But it’ll be slow. The exponentially rising carbon and all the lazy ignoramuses farting about ice ages being part of the natural cycle because they literally just don’t understand science. We will burn and freeze because we want it all now. Likely we will all be dead by the time we make things uninhabitable, so it’s just a lovely present for our great grandchildren while we still do whatever the fuck we please.

Still, a fun morning and very sparky youth. I was happy to have the chance to meet them.

And then I immediately became part of the problem. I had to go to IKEA for my friends and load up with plastic boxes. £300 worth of crap for their office, all made in Vietnam, and I had myself a plate of smoked salmon and the inevitable meatballs. Then I drove to Chelsea and deconstructed/reconstructed a desk, carried a load of stuff and generally did the things.

Home now and too tired to really remember the details. Another day without stopping – but for the meatballs. If i wasn’t exhausted I would get stuck into something distracting on telly, but I’ve got no head left. A hot bath and a warm bed.

I remember when I used to be able to think of things. There’ll be none of that for weeks yet. I’m about to plug back into the races and the run-up to it all looks far from relaxing. Ugh.

If they crack the Dyson Sphere, hopefully they can make things a bit warmer round here thankyouplease.

and a daim cake

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