Tired at the end of a long Sunday

Today I ended up working for my office moving friend, and had a friend round my flat doing things I need to do in my flat for the same rate. Round and round we go. A neutral day, although I’ve ended up with some excellent clothes rails that were being thrown out and might help with the business of storing the huge amounts of costume I’ve got. One of them now belongs to my friend and the rest are in the lockup. I needed her eye to see they were good. All I could see was a big pile of metal. But actually they will be useful, even just for car boot sales, and the season is approaching.

“I start work at 4.30am,” my friend tells me. She’s living in a flat smaller than mine with three male children. “I have to have that time before they wake up.”

My mobile phone has this habit of randomly deciding that the charger wire is wet. It usually happens when it is cold. When it happens I just unplug it and bang the screen and buttons until it stops.

Today, my phone made that noise. I cancelled it immediately and made it go away, but there were other phones in the room doing the same thing. It seems everyone knew about this but me.

The government want to be able to shout at us though our phones. Today was a test, and they likely sent out word through whatever channels they assume we are all following. I just had my phone go crazy suddenly, and I was happy I wasn’t driving. You can be sure that there were some car crashes today, all for what?

Healthcare. Emergency response.

Day nurse has been recalled. Actifed. Night Nurse.

The whole way we look at health and safety is being gradually and stealthily shifted. The deals the Tories made with Trump are still moving. Medicines that don’t fit the US model are being pushed out so they can be replaced by the big US brands. Of course my Barclay namesake is stalling the talks – he wants to tell a story about how our wonderful system is failing. Post Brexit, we are being forced to be a new state, and these cheeseheads in government are too busy looking at their bank balance to look at the future. They won’t divert funds to the NHS. They have been trying to kill it for YEARS. And it clings on, just, because of the incredible humans who have given their lives to it.

But the roads slow down to twenty to make room for the failed electric self driving car idea. And we are all being primed to live in fear. Our phone could go off whenever these short-necked Westminster thieves want it to, warning us about whatever they think is important. Missing girl. Severe weather. Someone protesting. Pickpockets. Can’t embezzle. Murderers.

I’m knackered. My flat is full of cables. All will be well.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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