Fridge Out

There was a great big American fridge freezer sitting broken in my friend’s office. I use the term broken advisedly as I’ve seen this friend replace a perfectly functional TV through lack of an £8.95 cable. But I understand it to be broken. And it certainly can’t stay there as she’s moving office.

She’s already been scammed over removal. They called up some fellow and didn’t give him context about it being two floors up and huge. It happens. It happened to me with this “cupboard” and I never heard the end of damaging the feet on it moving it on my own. Whoever this guy was, he came into an office with the load of very young humans who work there, he took one look at the fridge and he realised he couldn’t move it on his own. Unlike me, wrestling the cupboard into my car, he then insisted he was paid in full and left without doing anything. I think that’s a dick move , but the young’uns were intimidated by him. £250 he took which is too much for the job anyway. My friend who runs the business wasn’t in the office at the time. Of course she was furious, but now she was also £250 down, so the thing became a mental block. She didn’t want to spend any more money getting the thing out.

I found some guys online who seemed legit. They only wanted £124. It still took her some persuading. It’s a lot of money, but it’s a business… Whoever this guy is, he fixes fridges and charges a bomb to do it. He will take your bad fridge away and charge you to do it too, and then he’ll plunder it for parts or if it’s great he’ll resell it. Smart to get paid both ends.

The lads were excellent. Just two of them. They fought it down the stairs and were connected enough that they only rarely needed me to spot them or hold a door. This is not their first fridge.

Adam and Johnny. Strong work from them both. One very big fridge gone and another problem solved. My friend is running to a very tight deadline and I don’t think she realises quite how tight it is. She’s only got me a little bit in all this. I hope she gets the hard stuff done.

Author: albarclay

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