New boots

September 2018 and a kind group of concerned friends clubbed together to buy me my feet. The pair of Berghaus walking boots that I was wearing last time I saw you.

I walked Camino in them to break them in. Had I tried it in my old Brashers I would have had hamstring issues as they were worn out.

Since then they have been mostly attached to me as I’ve run around in a few deserts with Extreme-e and in a number of other hostile environments, including the drunk streets of London and the muddy mudscapes of summer festival dance pits, not to mention endless days around the Sussex Downs or through the rocky beaches of Brighton. By the end of Sardinia last July, I knew they were dying. I clung onto them though. Today, finally, I spent the money that will allow me to wish them a fond farewell. “Those are basically like slippers,” observes Jason in Millets, Brighton, looking at those dear old Berghaus. They kept their seal. The soles are worn into wedges of cheese, the back is totally ripped, the innersole is loose, the seals are fraying but last week I stood in a deep puddle to wash off some clay and it never occurred to me that they might leak. Berghaus make good boots. My first pair were Brashers though, and they lasted me even longer than the Berghaus did. They had been discontinued when I went shopping in 2018, but BRASHERS ARE BACK, BABY – Berghaus bought the brand.

Lou and I were just buying potatoes. We had stopped at the fish place for sea bream and samphire and so obviously we absolutely needed potatoes and sticky toffee pudding and the ONLY place we could get them was Waitrose, dahling. Waitrose is walking distance from Millets and you get an hour and a half free parking at the supermarket so we wandered over and I immediately saw the boots I’ve been looking for. I bought them then and there. Even got a discount from Jason. Happy days. I got out for £127.50. Expensive for shoes, but I’m off to Scotland with Extreme-e and I’m expecting a shot at a few more deserts this year. No pilgrimages planned as yet, but these things will be welded to my feet before long. A snip at the price.

I broke them in this afternoon and even though they are a little bit young yet I smile when I look at them. This is how my feet USED to look. The Berghaus did a good job for five years but we have said goodbye and I’ve gone back to Brash. I’m happy with it. All will be well in footland. I’ll keep the old pair a while though even though with the soles like that they are doing untold harm to my gait. But it was my gait that did harm to them first. Clean boot slate. Thank you Berghaus, hello again Brasher. I should have thrown a load of links into this and then written one of those abject “I’m a blogger give me free boots” emails to Brasher. This is how I’ve been missing all the tricks. This is why I’m not making MILLIONS out of this blog, MILLIONS I TELL YOU.

Brasher Men’s Country Master. “Bar Clay.” “Lord of the forest”. My surname basically breaks down to “Country Master”. They should release Brasher Barclay Boots. Dammit, I need to sort out that celebrity status so I can pitch that kind of stuff. That’s the sort of thing that will allow me to keep myself in Waitrose potatoes, walking boots and sea bream. We need someone not made out of vanilla to replace the Palins and the Attenboroughs…

“Outdoors, with Barclay. A mystical stomp through the ancient sites of the world…” I’m off to dreamland with a cat on my feet and rain on the skylight. Tomorrow, more romping fun with my new boots. SEE YOU THEN, FOOTFANS! outro music 🎵 🎶

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