Summerish at the beacon

Finally the day I’ve been waiting for. Up on Ditchling Beacon and lying on our backs in light bright enough that we took our shoes off. Lou got some freckles. The larks were up and singing. We only got summer in small doses through gaps in the clouds, but that was enough to kick-start it in my body. Even on a bank holiday we found a place to lie without hearing the screaming of the children or the droning of the ones who know about the thing and intend to share the fullest extent of that knowledge. Maybe I got the beginning of a tan. It was needed.

I have responsibilities towards myself and others though. I can’t just lie on my back until November. The things in my flat won’t box themselves up, but I’m on the edge of change in regards to my comfy but irresponsible living situation. I have to establish when I’ll have some time to do more, and then I’ll have to go about things with all the diligence with which I go about working for others. Invigilating, Event work, Pretending to be people, Training, Mentoring, Entertaining.

So I’ve bounced back to London. The pattern is often to work hard on the external jobs and then relax with Lou. I have a third responsibility that needs watering too. My life-admin. So I’m doing a spot of that over the Easter weekend. I might go see some dear friends as well, and maybe even family. But… there’s work to do.

Tonight though I’m sleeping on the sofa as I promised my bedroom to a friend when I figured I would be in Brighton. I’ll have to rehome the fish. They were great in lockdown but honestly I can’t be bothered with them anymore and it would be nice to switch off at the fuses when I go away. Plus they are noisy when I’m sleeping…

Author: albarclay

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