Tired out in Majorca

I think I had a spot of culture shock, going from France to Spain like that. The French just slump around and eat well. The Spanish are Catholics and they have this macho thing going on so all the men are up in your face but they want you to be obedient to a vast web of made up rules yeah!

I’m into it now but I’m knackered. Picked the wrong day to go to Majorca. There was a huge unprecedented dump of snow in the mountains. They’ve had to ship brand new ploughs over from Spain and some areas are totally cut off, with no power. Lower down there’s loads of localised flooding. But the snow – well it shut down our hotel entirely and because they had no power they had no internet and couldn’t warn us. First I heard was when I tried to drive there and kept running into roadblocks. I tried to message and ring asking if they knew how to get there short of hiking for three and a half hours. Eventually had a very brief explanation of what had happened over the guys 3g connection, so I asked for a refund. He hasn’t issued it yet … I hope he does though otherwise this will be an expensive day.

Lou lands shortly and then we will both get to actually relax for just a little while. A few days of very little. Nature and hopefully sunshine. Good company and hopefully good food. A moment to stop after the miles and miles of go. I need it. I’ve had no sleep and those long hours on the road do accumulate after a while. One last push while Lou gets through security and I try to get back to the hotel in the dark with some of the roads closed. Of course there’s only one person checking passports and all the flights get in at the same time. Of course. I’m gonna look at the route back on maps.

Back up at Finca Binibona, our last minute excellent backup plan. All the roads on the way up here are tiny little flooded pathways, both treacherous and unfamiliar at this time of night. By the time we were halfway home I was feeling extremely emotional. I cried a little bit about breaking a bird bath. I even wept momentarily at the idea of a cat. Everything is right up at the surface. Sleep will maybe help, although perhaps we are always supposed to be this sensitive.

I’m on my back in a vast bed. We are in a suite. Free upgrade baby. Chamomile is coming. I might not be awake for it. The Aircon keeps switching on and there’s no way to kill it. I’m so tired I barely mind.

Author: albarclay

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