Pulling back before shooting forth

Ahhhhh. So I think I’m packed. Got my passport. Got chargers and three travel plugs and my Kindle. Kindle is a horrible way to read books, but it’s the only way to do it if you travel lots. For decades the bulk of my weight was books. Now I have this piece of plastic. It makes everything much much lighter. It’s bad for the book industry generally, as I am sure I’m not alone in noting what people are reading and trying the book. You can no longer see what people are engrossed in, and marketing algorithms really don’t understand people who don’t have patterns. They just try to sell you things like the things you consumed already as if we all just want to get stuck in a rut.

It’s much earlier than I’d normally be in bed, but I’m trying to start this long drive positively. I’m going another way through France this time, so first night will be in the Champagne region and then down from there. If I get up earlier, the sun is setting later, and I might be able to appreciate something about the places I’ll be sleeping in as I go. I’m not hammering myself on the way down, but I will be covering a lot of ground every day.

It’s not even ten and I’m exhausted. All I’ve done is admin and packing. I have no business being so tired. I think its just my body and mind preparing for the big adventure to come. Eurotunnel tomorrow and then out into the world. If last time is anything to go by, it isn’t as horrible as anyone could have expected post Brexit. I didn’t even get stamped on the way out last time though. Fingers crossed it’ll be as easy this time.

I needed time at home, and Lou wanted me to take her walking boots to Majorca and some heavy clothes as rain is forecast. She popped up to London as a return ticket from Brighton is cheaper than a checked bag. As if in a dream we spent a part of the early afternoon together today and then she went back and I got back to admin. Her stuff is already in the car. Bergie is downstairs packed to the gills. Barely room for my stuff. I’m looking forward to another little trip together, covering some ground, learning a thing or two. Down down down. Distance. A change. And surely before long some good news on a casting?

Author: albarclay

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