It’s half past four and I think I’m ready to go to bed. When I’m doing these workshops online I have to point a light into my face. My lenses go in earlier than they usually would so I’m wearing them much longer hours. And after a full day of it, mixed with the confusion of not really being able to sense what is happening in the room, it is perhaps not surprising that I’ve got a splitting headache.

Engineering, folks. It’s a wonderful life, helping people and trying to save the planet.  Even in my own flat, to a room full of people I can’t see and can barely hear, I’m projecting a day full of energy in the hopes that, just occasionally, someone like Daniel will come to the mic and talk me through his A-Frame shelter in minute detail before explaining exactly how to make fire with sticks.

Now I’m running a bath and I feel wrung out and there’s another early start tomorrow cos I’m a glutton for punishment and I told them I could invigilate exams again. The bath takes even longer to run since the boiler got fixed. We are talking about an hour and a half now. I put it on as soon the last workshop ended.

In lunch I rushed over to Battersea to take meter readings for a friend who is under pressure from the energy companies. Maybe I should have stopped and had a sandwich instead. In fact I haven’t eaten yet today so that’s something I can do before bed. But I’m not getting on very well with this screen right now so I’m signing off early for a hopefully restorative evening.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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