Workshops and tapes…

They say when you do new stuff the time goes slower. That was certainly the case today. Having avoided delivering any workshops online for the whole of the pandemic, a few cases of scarlet fever in Cornwall saved me a long drive last night, but meant I had to work out some technology live this morning. In front of sixty people, in my living room, I worked out how to do it live and realised, as I had suspected when the emails came in over COVID, that I hate doing workshops over the internet. I like to see the whites of their eyes. It was a long morning. For the first hour there was nothing set up on the receiving end for me to know if there was any form of back and forth. I was talking to a picture of myself talking. I couldn’t hear or see the people I was talking to. Disconcerting to say the least. I like an audience. In the afternoon someone fixed them up with a microphone in Cornwall and I was able at least to do some rudimentary question and answer, and hear the state of the room.

All the while I was running lines in my head. This week has been a bit like being in regular telly work but without the money and the profile. Lots of short notice line learning. Living the dream, sort of. I went round my long suffering friend’s flat and she has painted a great white wall where the little screen used to be. No more having to do edits to trim the edge of the frame out. A bright and happy room to do the auditioning in. We both had one this evening and both got them done and dusted in short order, I think as much as the light atmosphere in there.

Now I’m back in bed at home. Another three online workshops tomorrow, but at least now I know what they are like. Once the dust settles I’ll look back and think what a lucrative week this has been, particularly if even just one of the self-tapes lands. For now though, onwards to Christmas!

Author: albarclay

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