I’m pinned into my bed after a very varied day. I’ve got hiccups from the cold.

This morning I woke hic up in Brighton hic hic and hic man these are bad. Hic. But yeah so Hic I woke up hic. Ok. I can’t write hic with this going on I’ll have hic to either stop hic documenting them all hic or I’ll have to try hic some of those hic old fashioned hic remedies like holding my breath hic…

hic hic hic hic hic hic hic hic hic hic hic hic oh God

I have put the electric blanket hic on. I’m hoping hic it’ll warm hic up soon. Man hic this is already getting hic tedious and hic and hic I’m only hic only having to hic to put up with this hic for one evening Hurp. FUCK IT I’M GOING TO DRINK A HIC A GLASS BACKWARDS.

Whoever taught me that, thank you. It’s done. It’s the one that works for me as often as not, and it worked this time. Get a glass of water. Drink the whole thing from the far side of the glass. It involves breath control, bending over, and concentration. If you commit to it, by the time you’re done you don’t have hiccups anymore. It works for me. Works more often than not.

Workshops today. Then winter wonderland, livestreaming for theatre, then dear friends for drinks, then hiccups and blog despite early bed needed and now at 1.12am bed with no heating as I’m tight fisted but I’ve got the electric blanket ON and I intend to leave it on all night.


I won an owl and donated it to a dear friend’s child

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