Quick spin to Falmer and another calm before another storm

A beautiful calm day by the sea. Kemptown Bakery really does pull out the best coffee in the world so all I had to do was walk round the corner and freeze for a little.

It’s not boiling hot either at mine or at Lou’s so I’m starting to get used to being cold and the things that make it bearable. Hot water bottles and snuggles and warm drinks and soft wool. Any of those people that say they like winter because it’s a chance to do all these things, I will fight you. These things are vaccinations against the cold. We don’t want them. But we hope they will help in some way.

We did manage an excursion, out to Stanmer and into the Walled Garden for a coffee before venturing towards the cedars. Hard to credit that just a few months ago we were dozing on grass that was now wet and churned up with mud. We attempted a walk but neither of us felt particularly inspired to punish ourselves so we called it and got back into Bergman. He has hot air blowers.

Warm hearty food and it looks very likely we will be asleep by half nine. We managed a couple of episodes of Sandman which we are watching together when we get time to share in a thing, and now I just think it’s time for bed. An early start tomorrow and lots of things happening one after the other for about a week so rest can never go amiss while it’s possible. I’m putting the phone into airplane mode and getting my head down. Tomorrow will look after itself. More National Grid madness. Helping the next generation to think about options.

At least losing the light so early gives a good sunset…

Author: albarclay

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