Down day

We go on holiday to relax, sure. But I’ve never been one for staying in one place. Kefalonia was new to me and I do like to see the world when I can. New places need to be explored thoroughly. We managed a bit of lying down. But we also kept moving. So today I just let myself stop entirely. Just a day at home, surrounded by familiar things, doing very little. I thought I was gonna do my receipts but I honestly didn’t want to. Thankfully the guys have advanced me half my invoice so I’m not out of pocket. The rest can come in time. I’ll get it done. It’s just time consuming and punishingly boring.

It’s lovely being back in a place where there’s a bath, but these hot summer evenings aren’t conducive to my usual bathtub habit, which is to make it just below too hot for human tolerance and then lie in it and broil. I just got out and I’m thinking I need a cold one now to bring my temperature back down to vaguely normal. I won’t though. I’ll just swelter.

Slowly I’m working through the list of things that I missed about being home. Coffee my way. Toast my way. Hot bath. Familiar bed with clean sheets. Too much time playing computer games on a Sunday. I haven’t had a curry yet but it’ll come… Problem is, I’ve got a headache. It’s hard to want to do anything much through a headache.

A quick rummage through my shelves just now has yielded a single sachet of Lemsip. I just had a brainwave regarding self care. In my bag there is a little bottle of Rakomelo that I picked up in a lovely crafty little shop halfway up a mountain. It’s a pokey brew, consisting of local honey and quite a lot of Raki, which would be familiar to anybody who has been to Turkey. It’s not clear how strong it is. The Greeks use it as a cure all, especially for sore throats. I’m adding it to the mix.

Alchemy! I’ve just concocted an unusual brew of Lemsip, Acacia honey and hopefully not too much Rakomelo. The last of the light is just fading in the summer sky and it’s getting to the temperature when I can sip it.

I just had a sip. This is a successful experiment. I’m sure it would work just as well without the Lemsip, but get that paracetamol liquid into my veins. No way I can sleep with that headache.

I suspect my body is just processing. I haven’t stopped really since I flew to Sardinia. Time for a brief rest.

Author: albarclay

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