Clicking into gear

A mixed day today, here in Sardinia. I haven’t had time yet to scope the local area. Local knowledge will eventually be part of the service. But… one thing at a time. Right now it’s just about multitasking. I had no choice but to put on the uniform. Hi-vis over bare chest.

Some of the lads have fluorescent cables that cover like the skinniest bikinis, were they badly done up. Letter of the law. A bit of fluorescent material means you are being H&S correct. I had this waist cinched hi-vis on, and figured I had little choice but to front it with no T-Shirt. I’m surprised I got there so quickly. I’m often pretty slow to strip down in company. But needs must. Sun and dust. Hot sun and aggressive dust. The only bits you really need to have protected are your head and your feet.

We all went to the beach after work, and walked across a long bridge where Sea Hares plopped about in the brine below. We live by a lagoon right now. There are even flamingos. This evening one of them flew over the car, and I realised I have never seen one in flight before. They look strangely even from below – you can’t tell one side from the other if you discount the direction they’re traveling. Beautiful underwing plumage. A joyful avian visitation.

We swam in the sea again, from a beautiful beach in walking distance from the hotel. I was encrusted with red dust and glad to wash it all off. Two of us joyfully played crap watervolleyball, and only for a split second did I remember that my crap volleyball partner had a huge part in making all of this happen for all of us. They run this little world. So many people well placed in nebulous jobs.

So many more people to come, too. But… already it is starting to take shape, with so many extremely skilled humans. It’s a big ask – to be skilled but also chilled about the hard conditions and unusual places and weird hours etc. I know why my skillset fits in this group. I’m happy here and I’m working and I feel understood and valued. And I feel like I’m part of a group who are making something genuinely new and fresh in an industry that needs new ways. Essentially, I’m happy. It helps that I’m either working with my body, or driving. There’s no time to overthink. It’s time to do.

More of it tomorrow. I’m finishing late tomorrow so I’m gonna allow a late start. But again, this is the joy of the team I’m in. I can organise my own hours – and I do. They know I will do everything I have to do plus whatever else I can add to the mix.

Today I picked up a lovely man called David. He is a family man. We remembered the adventure together. It’s been a while for him, but he got stuck in. We ended up on the beach. I swan, but he didn’t. I thought he would have, but he found somebody to talk to about tractors. I was proud of him for nearly getting into the sea. Also he plugged quickly into a group of humans that are well enough bonded that I found them intimidating in Saudi.

I’m happy here. Tired but happy. Hopefully I’ll get to learn the area before long – it’ll be helpful for my work. But right now, better to just get on with what needs getting on with.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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