My sister in law was getting rid of a bed and she thought to ask me if I could make use of it. This is excellent sister in law work. It was barely used. You usually have to pay to throw away mattresses no matter what state they’re in. Certainly if you’re in London. But this one is way too good to chuck. I’m so glad she thought of me.

About a month ago I persuaded a friend to throw away their father’s old bed and mattress. I slept one night on it and knew afterwards that I never wanted to go near it again. I got home and boil washed everything I was wearing. After a brief initial resistance, she agreed to ditch the damn thing. I’m glad to his day I didn’t have to carry it out myself. It was toxic. I won’t go into details. They were all dead anyway.

Now there’s a brand new carpet in the room where the bed used to be. There’s nothing else in that room. The horrible seventies wallpaper is being painted over with white. Maybe one day people will love beige again. “How could they have painted over this beige and brown shitstain effect wallpaper?” That’s what they will marvel about after the zeitgeist back to hairy bums and moustaches. But she’s trying to make the room into one that she could rent, and frankly it’s almost there. All it needs is a bed. And that came today courtesy of my sister in law.

Half of it fitted in Bergman so I carried it today. One more trip tomorrow and there’s a bed again and a good one. Hurrah.

One more show in Bletchley tomorrow before the continuation (fingers crossed). But there’ll be a gap. I’ll be off doing wonderful things in the meantime.

I’m round my friend’s and I’m being rude by writing. I’m going to stop this nonsense soon so we can work out sleeping arrangements, now she has not only a good clear bedroom but also a spare room that’s coming together and into which i could drag a mattress… Let’s see how this all pans out. Worth mentioning that my friend came to Bletchley this evening and loved it. If you’re reading this first thing, you might just get a ticket to Illicit Signals Bletchley… Chances are it’s gone now. Next time. Next time. I’m knackered from carrying mattresses up and down stairs. Zzzzz

Author: albarclay

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