Up in Stratford thinking about costumes etc

This is my view this evening.

It’s the foyer of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon. Minnie is playing Margaret in a succession of plays here. I’m seeing one of them tomorrow.

It’s easy to be proud of the friends who are doing well. This actor’s life squeezes out all but the most dedicated. I look at my year at Guildhall and I see so many interesting actors pinched off. Minnie has another incredible run of work. I’m here to catch the first part of it. It’s great when there’s something to celebrate.

The day started later than it should have and earlier than I wanted it to, as I laid down a 6.30am self tape. I waited outside Costa in Mornington Crescent as I got there at 6.20 and there’s only instant coffee at my friend’s. Ten minutes was worth the wait, alongside a bunch of HS2 workers who mostly needed a shit.

Nobody wants to try to be fabulous at that time in the morning but it was the only shot I had for the tape. I had made a tentative arrangement with a friend for the night before but all my instincts told me it wasn’t going to work. I was right, so I bundled over to Camden at dawn and did it in one of my regency frock coats from the costume haul. I figured that since I’ve got them I might as well use them…

I sent a bunch of coat options randomly to whoever I was in contact with over the decision making period. How the hell do I have “too many regency frock coats”? I mean… They’re great… But…

Anyway, everybody I asked agreed on one particular piece of clothing for me to wear and nobody said “Al, just wear a suit, or you’ll look like a twat.” I went with the costume… I suit a period costume.

I’ve started to understand the extent to which I’ve lucked out with all these incredible free costumes thanks to Lou. I just need to lose a few pounds so I can close the button on the raw pink silk three piece. But some of the incidental pieces, like the one I wore this morning, are actually pretty damn good in themselves. Lou is a legend. God love her.

I sent the tape. I did a load of stuff about renewable energy. I drove to Stratford. Now I’m just here, next to the big theatre, with no traffic. It’s so quiet. I’ll hear the silence, sleep in it, watch Rebellion, and then tomorrow I’ll drive somewhere that I can do another blimming self tape. Get me in the room!! But I’m happy that things have woken up again. About time.

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