Running my mouth again

Once again a wonderful night of Carol. I love my work. It’s hard but it’s rewarding. This evening we had one of only two existing Jersey QCs come to the show and he ended up as Tiny Tim. He had his mother in the audience on her birthday. A good Tiny Tim makes everything better for us as he helps put a button on the show. He was a delight during and after. He helped me remember how this island is basically about the people. It’s small enough that you know everybody’s business very quickly. It’s big enough that we have been running at capacity for two weeks and we can still go to St Helier without getting stopped every few minutes.

I had another of those moments today when I questioned the wisdom of this daily blog.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and things pop out of me easily. You mostly get what you see with me and you see what you get. It works to my advantage as a filter and to my detriment when I need to impress people I don’t know. My friendships are usually very deep and take into account my ability to just accidentally speak my everything. I probably shouldn’t write a blog at all, really, as I put it all out there without filter and my heart is sunk into trying to work out how to best tell a story, rather than how to show myself in the best light. This is just a work of creative fiction after all, based on my slightly odd existence. As a fine example of the form I’m going to bring back Cucumbrivalis!!!

I reckon I’ll find my tribe here in Jersey one way or another if/when I return. I’ve already found some of them, and I’ve really become aware that there are good people here through the joyful humans that attend our show. In many ways there couldn’t be a better way for me to reconnect with the people who inhabit my old home than through Carol.

One more week of this and then I’m back to London again and to the winter. We are over the hump. The light is returning. I’m so much happier here. I’d love to stay. I just don’t have a roof over my head if I’m not renting one. Normally I’ve got the pull of my vocation taking me to London, but more and more that holds no weight as all the theatres are shutting down again.

Maybe Lou and I could hit the sunshine. That was always the hope for January… But not if everything is shut down again… Let’s just hope.

Cottage pie.

For now I’m just gonna read my book and hit the hay. At least I’m well fed.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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