Too late to write anything worthwhile

Oh God it’s 3am.

We finished another week of Carol this evening. Tomorrow is our day off. I think that all Jack and I were intending to do was to have pie and then go to sleep. Last night I slept fitfully, somehow constantly gravitating to the gap between my two pushed together single beds and waking up – perhaps I was sleepily seeking Lou.

Jack you know. We have lived together for a good long time over the years. Throstle Nest, The Bishops, America and multiple Carols. We have lived in the same building as one another for about a year of our lives, working. There’s love there, between us. It’s a partnership that works. And once again we have a bubbling and fun group.

Estelle is new to Carol, and local to Jersey even if she trained in theatre and dance. She knows the island deeply but has that elusive skillset where she can program a lighting board and dance a complicated tap routine in the same breath. She voices Scrooge’s lost love and crawls on all fours to fix the smoke machine mid show. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll come to the zoo with Jack and I. We are gonna give our day off to Durrell.

Andy might not approve of our zoo trip. He’s our Scroggins and even if it’s the best zoo in the world he still has his reservations about any animal being in captivity for any amount of time. I love him for it. He is filtering the audience, and absorbing all their mardy pre-show bits and bobs, so it helps that he’s an empath. He used to work for Disney in China, for years. Mum prevented me from taking a theatre job in Beijing in the year she died. I understood it in retrospect but resented her at the time. She was adamant. She knew something was wrong with her… It would’ve been awful if I’d been the other side of the world when she went so suddenly. It was bad enough it happening with me by her side. But … I can vicariously understand extended time in China through Andy’s eyes. I would have loved it. But who knows what’s to come? The world is wide. There are many more opportunities to come.

I’m so tired now. I always love doing this show, in all its different colours. And I should’ve written this blog hours ago! Zzzzz xxxx no pics.. Sleeeeeeeeppp

The good folk of Jersey have been so rich in their audience behaviours. We have had some crazy rowdy crowds and we have had extremely polite groups. Tonight was the latter, which was welcome as we were both tired. I can’t wait for a day tomorrow where I don’t even have to speak…

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