Long fecking week of joy

Tomorrow is the weekend and we have the earliest start yet. This is partly my fault for booking a contact lens appointment at half noon on a Saturday. We have to start the run early. But … I’m running towards the end of my useful string. I’m tired. Happy, but tired.

My accordion was playing up so I had to get Max to post my travel accordion to me. He also posted my passport and my spare glasses. They arrived this morning, and actually it’s a lovely thing to have that little red travel instrument here with me. It’s smaller, quieter and shriller, but much less temperamental. I took it around America. I love it and know it, and can come and noodle on it and not worry that one of the stops will jam. I should have brought it with me really. Props to Max for sending it over so quickly. It’ll take over from the great big old Hohner.

I’ve also got my new passport. Blue again. Meh. SOVRENTEY. And a pair of glasses I’ve been ignoring forever because the prescription is not conducive to my needs. Specsavers. You get what you pay for. “I don’t need to see super long distance if it makes it harder to sight-read. I need to be able to do both.” “Duuuuuuhhh what? I just go down this list.” Still, better than my current specs where the lenses fall out every few hours. I’m wearing them as I write and I can mostly see what I’m writing.

It’s half nine. All the shops in Jersey are shut and we’ve run out of wine. Even though it’s a Friday night, it feels like its coming to time to wind down. This is for the best. The rain is beating down, and despite the inclement weather Jack has been googling for potential late night booze shops in walking distance.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. All I have to do is a self tape, but it’s for a casting director that used to use me back in the day. I haven’t sent anything for them in something like a decade. I’m so happy to reignite that relationship. It felt fruitful back then but was suddenly damaged by miscommunication. It has always felt like a bruise. I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to send something to them. It’ll have to be in my improvised digs IKEA home studio. This is a still from my tape last night… It’s the only photo I can muster in my current state, which is basically just totally knackered. Onwards to Sunday! I’m having a lovely time. I’m knackered.

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