Unavoidably Autumn

Constant rain. Constant wind over the sea and hitting the windows here at Lou’s.

It looked like the sea might get wholly lifted by a gust and flung into the window entirely, waves and all. Great big wet salty drops were flying upwards after hitting the wall, defying gravity. Mao was in frequent need of gentle reassurance and snuggles which were available in abundance as I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. Weather, weather, primal autumnal weather. We aren’t in summer anymore, and I’m still not home. Lou has this haven and it’s absolutely packed with sheepskin and natural fibres and goodness, and I’m bridging the gap between Jersey and London here. We have been wonderfully lazy and cozy all day.

There was one expedition. I’m still packed for what I thought was going to be just a warm week in Jersey which has now extended into this blustery week all over the place. I had to wear one of Lou’s vintage raincoats. We ventured into the storm. My target: Coffee. Lou’s: Vegetables.

First to the tiny co-op. Then there’s a bakery in Kemptown that still only lets two people in at a time. You stand at the other side of a big counter and bellow your order. They ask you to repeat it, and the guy standing in the doorway waiting to come in glowers at your back so hard that your hackles go up. There’s almost always a queue. Everybody in the queue is almost always angry. It wouldn’t be worth the wait if the coffee wasn’t beautiful magical liquid gold. This is why everybody waiting is so impatient. They put crack in the coffee.

There are no facilities for making the stuff at Lou’s though. I needed my hit and I was happy to stand in the rain and put up with the palpable discontent of the old man behind me while it was being made. I left with my little paper cup. Sweet sweet caffeine, and back up all the stairs to the flat. Mao met us at the door even though we’d only been gone quarter of an hour. SNUGGLE ME! We gave him dreamies.

We made lentil shepherd’s pie with enough mash to feed an army. We covered it with cheese and then we scoffed it and watched movies.

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The original. I’ve never seen it before. Mao joined us for most of it but we turned down the volume on the helicopters. He was still a little spooked from the wind.

Encounters is one on those movies that everybody had seen when I was growing up and I never had anybody to watch it with as they mostly didn’t want to see it again. I think they’ve remade it with a modern cast as they tend to do with movies that made bank the first time round. But frankly I was very happy with the lo-fi solutions in this slice of seventies Spielberg sci-fi. My watching habit is not strong. I like to watch things with other people, but get very distracted when I’m trying to do it alone and often pause it to do something else for a bit and never return. Which is odd as when I’m in company I can watch multiple movies back to back.

Jumping on the mood and the atrocious weather, we did that and wolfed down Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mister Fox as well. Lou enjoys the way Fox goes from being charming to eating like a monster. She tells me it reminds her of me…

Such a wonderfully lazy day. Now I’m in bed listening to the crashing of breakers on stone. I think tomorrow night might find me in London, beardless and cozy in my own bed. For now I’m gonna listen to the sea and pass out.

Author: albarclay

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