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I’ve paid for another year of WordPress.

This blog, and things like it – there’s no room for it in the way things are structured. The expectation is that money must be changing hands as a result of it, so everybody wants a piece. Facebook is drooling to charge me for hits. WordPress charges a small fortune just to provide the engine and I can’t even use plugins unless I pay a third again. It’s almost an act of defiance to put this out and not share it widely and let people find it if they want to, and not be constantly linking major companies. I’m supposed to be writing disingenuous advertorial type “content” about how THE NEW EARWIG BAR CHANGED MY LIFE – YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT IT CAN DO!

I’m not supposed to be just plonking down the various daily mundanities that constitute the life of a jobbing actor in a pandemic and then fucking off and leaving the unpaid for Facebook autoshare to put it in the bin.

I’m winding down at Lou’s. Mao is snoring under the coat rack. Lou is dozing. It’s quiet, and there’s not much weather tonight, nor much traffic. Just the grimblings of the cat and the occasional twitch from Lou as she trips over a paving stone in her dream.

I’ve booked an acting job – clearly my willow karma from all the Wales joy. Hurrah. More about that anon, but it gives me a spot of lovely focus in this strange summer. It’s not the longest job but it kind of can’t be because everybody keeps getting shut down so booking a long job is taking a huge risk. It’s such a crap situation we are all in, but slowly and steadily perhaps we will start to click back into gear. There’s gonna be a hangover like you wouldn’t believe from all this. There’ll still be people in five years from now who haven’t dared leave their house – not even to attend the burning of Parliament. But yeah, I know where I’m going to be for three weeks this summer. I’m going to be in Oxford doing lovely things. Hurray.

My company bank account went live this morning, so now I actually have to start making things alongside being in things. That’s a good focus to have amongst all this bollocks. It seems going to Jersey and sorting my shit out is going to eventually mean that there are lovely things for people to do. The diary is starting to fill up. Joy. I’d better seize these last few weeks of absolutely nothing with both hands. Some of us are going to look back on the last year or so with a strange nostalgia, as a weirdly peaceful time despite all the explosions and horrors…

I’ve had a lovely time. I met Lou and a cute cat. And now I’ve got that acting job lined up I can let myself off the hook a bit…

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This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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