Farewell Audi

Lingfield Station. Birdsong in the air, the sound of a distant lawnmower, the smell of fresh cut grass. No trains. I remember this “not having a car” business. It requires you to be organised and patient. I don’t think I’d put either of those things into “special skills” on a job application.

I’m going to be on this platform a while yet.

I had to get rid of the Audi today so I’ve dropped it off in an industrial estate here in sleepy Lingfield for part exchange on a new set of wheels that is currently in Stafford. I’ll have to come back here next week to get the new one, once it’s all paid for.

I’ve lost track of how many cars I’ve owned in my life, but perhaps the next one will be with me for a few years. It’s not a deliberate old banger, for a change. It isn’t covered in dinks and scratches with bits hanging off it. The thing I hadn’t expected though is that my insurance quotes, with six points on the license, are cheaper than they were with an Audi that’s basically worth nothing at all. It seems more expensive cars are cheaper to insure.

The good thing about traveling by train is that you can read or write while you move. Less autonomy of movement, and much more faff, but I can write my blog on travel-time, and once it’s done I’ve got my dogeared script with me and I can get back to linesblitzing Bottom without the split focus of worrying about cars and insurance and all that jazz. It’s possible to learn lines while driving, sure, and if you’re on your own there’s the advantage that you can speak out loud. But I think it’ll be more focused on a nice quiet train home. I don’t get the sense it’ll be a crowded train. There’s nobody on the platform. Oh and here comes the train! Time flies.

I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the places this train goes to. I have the feeling it’ll be gently crawling through the suburbs picking up a few waifs and strays like myself and very very slowly returning them to their homes. I’m going to settle in and look out the window with lines and check out all these green belt places I’ve never even heard of.

That was lovely. Home now, and feeling pretty Zen post hot bath. No more Audi. New adventures to come. Early bed. Night/morning.

Author: albarclay

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