Pocket buy

I have to get rid of the Audi tomorrow, somehow. I’ve been trying to get it part exchanged for something half decent, but I’ve left off doing it until the last minute as usual. Chances are I’ll have to drop it off somewhere out of town, wait a week and then pick up the replacement. It’s all a bit logistical. My pocket seems to think it can cut through all the red tape…

My friend posted this on his Facebook. It is a Ford Ka being sold as “future classic” for many times the value. “Ha ha ha” I thought, when I opened the link in my eBay app. “Nobody’s gonna buy that,” I chuckled to myself as I put my smart phone into my pocket on a hot day.

Yesterday morning I woke up to a message. “Hi, please can you call me about the Ka you purchased.” With a phone number.

My fucking pocket. It somehow managed to commit to buy the car. For £2500. Thankfully it didn’t automatically pay for it as well.

I spoke to the guy on the phone twice. He told me he understood and he was relisting it. But he hasn’t cancelled it on eBay so I keep getting payment reminders. Coming at a time when I need new wheels it’s weird. My car karma is all over the place at the moment. And we need more transport to get to Wales this weekend, so it’s kind of typical that this looks like the first week in ages that I’ll have no vehicle. And I’m just hoping that I won’t have to fight this chancer not to have to pay him loads of money. Of all the things to pocket buy – an overpriced car? Damn you, pocket.

Around the practicalities of looking for new wheels and somebody to take the Audi, I’ve been cramming lines for Bottom. They’re going in, it seems. But it’s hard when you can’t be in the same room as the other actors. Speaking them in context is always going to be the best way to bed lines in. But I’m glad to have work for my brain again. Staving off the Alzheimer’s. Getting myself ready to look ace in that marvelous movie job that’s definitely just round the corner for me.

Meanwhile if you want me I’ll either be looking at pictures of cars, mumbling to myself, or both…

Author: albarclay

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