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Ahhh. A hot bath. And likely an early bed to follow. Well, earlier than usual. I’m a night owl. But I’m sleepy.

Last night I woke up overheating. What luxury! I’m always happy to be too hot, even if it fucks with my sleep. The dreams I woke up into were unpleasant though and tangled with the past. I’m lancing boils and all the pus of unfinished business is jetting back out through my unconscious. So, a hot bath to wash it away and an attempt at an early bed, knowing I’ll probably wake up in the small hours beaded in sweat but hopefully this time in a dreamscape of adventure and not regret.

In Texas I went to great lengths to switch off the air conditioning in my hotel room so I could lie like I will lie tonight – roasting in the hard warm air. I’m always happier out of dry fake cold air, so it’s a blessing that air-con hasn’t really been invented in England yet, and certainly not in Jersey. I’ll just have those interesting dreams.

Today was mostly about finding beautiful places and sitting in them. I synchronised badly with the tide again and so there was no swimming. But there was plenty of time taken just enjoying the beauty of his island – soaking it all up before I head back. It really helps me root myself, coming back here to where those roots were established. If only we’d kept the property here. That’s the huge loss for me. That little white cottage up on the hill. Not that it would have gotten much use over the last few decades. I still miss it now I’m here though, despite being safe in the bosom of The Mornington Hotel. Ham and cheese sandwich today, and a strawberry yogurt. I ate them watching the sea, and then for a bit of distraction I went hunting for a few geocaches about the place, and enjoyed my spot of geekery.

Now I’m clapped out, wrapped in a towel, ready to just sleep. I’ve got a pint of water by the bed. I’m ready for a long hot sleep. And what luxury to have the heat. I just wish I had a double bed! It feels like forever since I’ve been able to properly starfish. Still. I’ll make my little sweaty imprint, warm from my bath, and then tomorrow I just have to remember to grab my towel and check the tides, as I’m gonna be jumping into the water in my new shorts.

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