Things beginning to move

The part was a very familiar person to me – much like most of my mother’s hilarious and bold friends when I lived with her as a teenager just down the river from here. She wouldn’t like to be described as a lady who lunched, but she would definitely pull an excellent Carrie Bradshaw impression in the more interesting Boho joints that still hadn’t quite been driven out of Chelsea by the Cadogan Estate’s war on Indie. White wine at 2pm and hold the food. I was, I think, able to give compassionate and helpful thoughts to hone the best tape I could this time. It felt like it would be awesome casting for my friend. I really hope it lands. I think it might.

Driving home I got a call from my agent telling me I’m auditioning for The Tempest – an R&D but paid and a bit of theatre in his horror. It’s a year to the day since Lou watched me online with Hex jamming it as Alonso on Zoom, and was motivated to open a conversation in the comments section here. I certainly wasn’t writing this in order to have that effect but it seems this blog has brought nice things into my life. I’m glad of it. There’s been a few ructions, mostly in the drunken ranty days. Remember those? Pissing people off on purpose. Man maybe I should just bang myself in the head a few times before I write just so we can all remember what it was like. But I’m not really feeling angry with anybody at the moment. I guess I haven’t seen anyone.

But yeah, so a workshop audition on the last day of this month and then off on the ferry to the land of my birth in early March. I’ve been making calls and getting information and trying so hard to get to the bottom of the difficult thing I have to understand out there today. The more I do it the easier it becomes. It will be untangled now, and soon. It must be.

Author: albarclay

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