Bent wheel gets the cheese

“The wheel’s bent mate. You’ll feel it judder at high speed. I’ll swap it to the back of the car, but you should probably change it out completely sometime.”

I shouldn’t have gone to kwik-fit. They charged me eighty quid for a tyre and a wheel swap. Would’ve been better at Halfords booked in advance. But it at least guarantees that I’ll be able to get up and down to Brighton on the weekend. I have a very demanding and affectionate cat here now as well you know, so the more generous demands of Lou are getting swamped by his constant desire for cuddles. Perhaps some time I can take him in the car, the little fluffster. He’s so genial and relaxed – he’d probably just roll with it. But for now I’m still settling him in to his life here. He’s a creature of habit. He’s an old man. He rations his own food efficiently though so I’m told he’s good for a night away from time to time. I’m going to take myself to Brighton early on Saturday for a beautiful day and night with lovely Lou. Something to look forward to. A break from London in the car.

I have no idea how the wheel got bent. I was driving over Vauxhall Bridge and something went B-Gunk. I stopped at the lights and went round to look and I could hear air coming out at quite a rate. By the time I was home it was flat but I still haven’t the slightest clue what was in the road. A huge nail driven into the tarmac? There was a chunk right out of the tyre. Messy.

My car has been nothing but a lifesaver for the whole of this pandemic. I love having one anyway. But the transport of weird items, the little bits of work here and there, the ability to just pop to Brighton without having to go to a station and get on a train? Priceless. And I’ve been lucky. The camera that flashed me? No letter. Too late now. And I even had a fine overturned by Hammersmith and Fulham after a fair amount of back and forth.

“Me me me me”. This is it these days. Sorry. Stuck in my flat and my head with weird animals and somehow constantly tired out despite not being as busy as I need to be. Filming didn’t work out. Onwards, onwards ever onwards. For glory.

Author: albarclay

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