Didn’t get the print up

This room isn’t sacred yet, but it’s getting there.

I’m sitting back in the newly painted spare room. I’m right in the middle of a brand new carpet enjoying the relative lack of clutter as I write. A dump trip tomorrow will make it better still. I can get rid of some of the rubbish that’s crept in here. Broken and calcified fish tank lights, a cat-mauled swivel chair, an unwanted damaged IKEA bedside table… I’m sitting on the swivel chair. It’s comfy and even if I’ve used it a fair amount over the years I’ve decided it takes up more space than the usage warrants, and the mauling makes an already cheap item undesirable. I absolutely must start being more efficient and more ruthless and if I regret ditching it down the line then so be it. Part of me thinks I should put it on eBay for a fiver collection only, but if I’m going to say that to myself then I have to do it tomorrow or never.

I bought a clip frame online that was the right size to fit my Mucha prints and I really wanted to get them up today. It’s a frame by some company that specialises in those display stands that crop up with graphs inside for fictional board meetings. It actually looks good reconstituted as an art frame for a piece in those colours, but I’ve only just realised that they didn’t incorporate any means of attaching the thing to a wall. I measured it all up and marked it beautifully with LX tape before I realised they provide no means of hanging the damn thing. It’s meant to be propped up in boardrooms saying “Productivity Graph” or “The word of the week is EXCELLENCE”. It’s meant to be on display in one of those many rooms where love used to go to die before people had to learn to start making that happen in their front room instead. “We are a HAPPY workforce!!”

I’ve put semi-naked ladies from the 1920’s into it. I call them artworks. I’m hoping my guests will as well.

Going on the website it seems they were supposed to include fittings, so hopefully it’s nothing that a phone call can’t fix. Then just get the bed in here along with a very carefully curated quantity of organised things. A room of one’s own. Oh what a delight it shall be. Free from the strange cornucopia of antique weirdness that fills all the other rooms in the house. Oh glory.

I’ve learnt that the floorboards would actually look pretty nice if I exposed them in the living room and just chucked rugs around. I’ve even got some antique rugs in a corner of the living room. There ain’t cheap carpet big enough for the living room, so I reckon that’s the long term plan in there. None of this has been as quick as it was in my desires, but at least today I can again feel like I’ve seen some progress.

So yeah. Today it feels like there has been movement. I just have to make sure that’s how I feel every day. I’ve been a bit slower than I wanted. No more.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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