Switching the moon on

Pretty much the highlight of my day today was discovering that the new LED panel that I bought for the fish tank has got NIGHT MODE! Now my fishies are bathed in blue light, and my penchant for fishy voyeurism can be slaked at all times. They can flibble around at night and not bump into each other. It’s like the full moon is shining on their little pond as my giant smiling mug pushes up against the glass.


I still find it astonishing that only one of them has karked it so far. That was right after the move. Considering they are all geriatric fish, I’ve done well. The internet is an amazing thing. Despite my almost complete lack of experience, charmless YouTube tutorials really can teach us to do anything. “Hey guys, today I’m going to teach you how to split the atom, please like and subscribe.”

Various different human beings with expensive set ups and no charisma have taught me how to change the water, change the filter, clean the gravel and sort out problems with the heater, and that’s after they taught me how to move the fish and acclimatise them in the first place. Listening to the tutorials is often like drilling holes into your own face. The YouTube tutorial phenomenon is a timely reminder that content is the prime mover. Style adds finesse, but if there’s no content you really have got nothing. If I didn’t want what they had known I’d have changed over in seconds. We need content.

Which is troublesome for me today, as I’ve done fuck all again. What content do I have for you? I’ve had about three consecutive days of ineffectual pottering despite having loads to do. I’m still a bit swamped by it. I’ve been reacting to the flood of tasks recently by walking from room to room looking at things and occasionally disconsolately wiping a paintbrush on something, or picking something up a bit.

It’s ten past one in the morning. I put my head down and said “oh fuck the blog”. So it’s rushed as well. Rushed and no content. Punch the like and subscribe button. It’s my nose.

Thankfully I’m not drunk. I think the last few days – this could have been a lot worse if I hadn’t smacked down that particular habit. Yeah I’ve been low, and retreating in a bit. Who hasn’t? Last year’s Al would be half senseless by now and this would have turned into a rant. Tomorrow I’ve set an early alarm and I’m planning to bounce around and get things done all day, yeah? Or not.

I’ve just had a winding back moment, that’s all. The lights have been switched to blue for me and I’ve been dozy in the moon. Best put that sun back on tomorrow. Maybe.

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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