Jumping for joy

My Fitbit thinks I’ve run 16 miles today. I’ve been in constant cardio or fatburn since noon. It was the same yesterday. I’m glad I get tomorrow off. This is going to get me in good shape for Christmas whether I like it or not.

Joy BOMB. It came through Caroline. Caroline has used me a few times over the years for craziness. She knows that craziness is something I do very well. Last time I collaborated with one of her artists I got to sit down and have beautiful intimate conversations with strangers in a caravan. I got to learn a new deck of tarot. It was wonderful.

This time though, it’s IN YOUR FACE.

Amy made it. She’s a force to be reckoned with as well. Sharon is outside in the freezing cold wearing pink all day, explaining to people what’s going on! All these remarkable women sharpening to the weird point of Marie and myself in a window dancing all day with ridiculous heads on.

Amy the artist lost her husband to ALS recently and this is her response to it. An explosion of joy in a central London location. Good response. It’s a moment of colour and silliness in the closing month of this year where we have been so starved of joy. ALS shuts you down inside yourself. She used to make these beautiful silly things for the man she loved – to bring joy to his shutdown state. Now she’s making these things in honour of him for all the random people who pass our window.

So many people have experienced shutdown from the familiar. Everybody is in mourning this December. The world has shifted on its axis. Fear anger and pestilence all hang over us as we go about our business. Might as well smile at the dancing frog.

I’m loving it. My stomach muscles feel vacuum packed and there’s a war of lactic acid in my calves. But dancing all day in stupid clothes is precisely what I do for fun every summer in a normal year. This time I’m just doing it in winter. In a window. It feels like something silly for the right reason at the right time. I’m very happy to make a fool of myself if it’s for the right reasons. Especially if I can have fun at the same time.

Instagram is @joybomblondon. There are definitely videos of me jumping up and down like a pogo stick. Who knows what else – I still haven’t sussed out Insta. My insta is @alecsparkly and I rarely post. Maybe now’s the time to start??!!

Problem is I never take photos. I never remember. This is the only photo I took all day, and I took it just now cos I needed one.

I’m on the bed in my scarf as it’s that cold…

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