Audiences and chocolate

I’ve just teleported back to my living room after another two shows. It’s still a mess in this living room. I’ll sort that out in one of the endless tomorrows. Now it’s just winding the show out of myself so that I can sleep properly before doing it all again twice tomorrow.

The Guardian newspaper came last night and understood what we are trying to do, which is what you want from someone who writes about theatre, particularly as a nice write-up in a national will likely allow us to extend the run. They gave us 4 stars.

It was only made with this bank holiday weekend in mind, but frankly what else are we gonna do? Chances are we can extend the run.


Nice to be in an active show that responds to this madness, and to vindicate the friendships I made over the course of a logistically difficult summer. You never know what’s going to come back to you, but for sure the more you put out the more you get back.

There’s a unique opportunity for us in this show, when we are in the wings, to peep at the audience through a hole in the flat. It’s better even than the fake mirror Jack and I used to spy from in Scrooge’s Parlour. The audience are part of the meeting so their cameras are on unless they choose to switch them off. We get to see them enjoying and participating in the playing we do. One of my nephews unexpectedly came to the matinee and I pinned his video for a bit while I was preparing, just to feel a bit more connected with him and his isolation buddy.

Often audience members talk about feeling part of a community again through this. It’s a lovely thing to hear, to know that somehow we can still bring scattered people together with a shared experience. I know one person who joined from Georgia and another from Texas. We’ve reached Ireland New York and Mexico as well. Even my nephew was up in Aberdeen.

It’s an interesting possibility. There are of course constraints in what we can do, but as a tester for a new form I’m very glad to be part of something anarchic human and fun and I think there’s a lot more to explore around what we can and cannot do and how we can keep the story live and involve the audience, but it’s sweet and it works.

I’ll likely announce when tickets go up again, if we extend, and would be thrilled to see old friends and new joining the party. I’m still reeling at the fact that I’m employed to do live theatre in this messy living room and these uncertain times. But often the truth is stranger than fiction, and it seems like decades of working at being generative and positive have started to throw me chocolates.

On which subject I went to TK Maxx before this all started, in January, and they had a load of chocolate bunnies. I bought a good number of them intending to give them out to whoever I met at Easter. Well, I met nobody but myself so omnomnomnom. You’ll need a crane to get me out the flat when this is over…

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