Early start

Off in the morning so early it’s late. My alarm woke me up at 4.20am. I didn’t manage to make coffee for myself.

It’s filming again, but this time I’m the dude in the stupid costume, rather than booking the dude, organising shit to make the dude look better, moving the dude, dealing with the dude’s problems or getting drunk with the dude after work.

The early hour has been chosen because it’s a public place. We start shooting at 7.30 in full costume. We are wrapped and clapped by 9. It was mostly walking and wiping, but the costumes are recognisable and visible.

By the time we wrap it’s getting harder to shoot without joggers plomping through shot. The first members of the public were starting to show up and merrily ask what it was we were shooting. The early morning made sense, but I’m terrible at early.

My car took me to the most remarkable hotel. I wish I’d overnighted there. Such high ceilings. Our Wardrobe mistress had a room in which to store the elaborate costumes. She’d been able to sleep in it too. It had the highest ceiling I’ve ever seen in a hotel room, with remote control shuttered windows at the top. I staggered around seeking coffee and found a sexy restaurant but it was too early.


The shape of the day was to get into that elaborate and fiercely impractical suit of armour that in reality wouldn’t stop a thrown pebble. Then I had walk in a straight line a few times and look angry. Thank you very much, happy humans, clap clap clap and then off for breakfast on my own at Cote Brasserie. French Breakfast with juice and coffee for £12.

Then I went home where I discovered that you can’t buy Oculus Rift headsets online at the moment as all the geeks are self isolating and have already bought them. Just as well, as the ticket price is too high for the use I’d likely get from it.

I booted up the laptop and plugged into a virtual world. The day’s money has already been earned so I had nothing plucking at my conscience. I played a load of games and the day flew to shadow and every few minutes I had to stifle the nagging suspicion that I should be somewhere else either working or in conversation.

All the conversation is about the virus though. It’s endless. We are shell-shocked. Things are getting cancelled as quickly and surprisingly as all the loopaper getting snatched up for a respiratory virus.

I could manage the self isolation thing. It’ll probably be loosely helpful for me to spend more enforced time at home. I can sort through piles of stuff, and make the flat much more pleasant to be in. It might be a good time to get on eBay as well and list some stuff, considering lots of potential buyers won’t be leaving the house. I’ve just got to hope it’s business as usual until Tuesday is finished, as that’s my last day of filming on the corporate gig that came up at last minute. Once that’s in the can I can rest easy, put my feet up and have a holiday at home. Sadly we just had the axe fall on the charity gig for kids, all the rest of the filming is in the can. One. Day. More…

Author: albarclay

This blog is a work of creative writing. Do not mistake it for truth. All opinions are mine and not that of my numerous employers.

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