America Day 34 – Knackered

I’m tired tonight. We are post show, a tight knit little group just hanging out in the green room. Julia is playing Irish folk tunes on guitar. There was quite a lot of pizza and probably a spot more beer than strictly necessary. I’m just soaking up the atmosphere in the corner, letting it wash over me, knowing we are pretty much done with Wellesley once more. I’m still joining in the chorus when I can. There’s lots of singing in here.


Julia is great. She came to Much Ado five years ago and watched every show. She managed the same with us this year. She’s an alumni and a superfan. She was front row centre every night. A reliable presence. And now she’s entertaining us all as we wind the week away together.

I was tired in the show already. One of those nights when, instead of thinking the ogrelike simplicity of character thoughts and connections my brain was extremely conscious that it was on a stage doing the acting. I was aware of my heart rate at one point at the start of the show, quietly noticing the adrenaline kicking in, curious about how I couldn’t switch my brain into the show entirely, skipping over the surface like a stone until I finally managed to sink into it about halfway through act 2.

One more day in Massachusetts and then we are off again, this little welcome crowd of rogues and vagabonds. The Wellesley crew have been kind to us. Charlotte and Marta have a good handle on our needs. Free food and booze, a warm place to consume it, music perhaps and good conversation for certain.

Right now I’m being plied with beer, pizza, cookies, crisps, chocolates, STRAWBERRIES, music and conviviality. The live music makes us feel more at home especially as we aren’t making it. Some of us have taken our shoes off. At some point we will have to get over to our beds with the show in tow I suppose. It’s all packed up in the suitcase again. My horrible sweaty costume is quarantined in a canvas bag next to the accordion. Everything needs to get back somehow but I’ll work that out later. I’m going to plug back into the party for a wee while, and likely finish this exhausted in an hour or so…

Jono was sober enough to drive us all home. Now I’m in my room and ready for sleep. Boston tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get to see Dustin from Camino. I want to consume lobster and clam chowder and will likely have to hive away from the group to do so, as there are two vegetarians one of whom is allergic to shellfish.

The problem with this whistlestop tour is that it’s exhausting. Teaching in the day, acting at night then drinking with good people. Next week it’s a naval academy, so the days start in the morning, but we’re done early. Also I imagine next week will be reasonably sober by comparison – and perhaps that’s for the best. I’m knackered.


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