America Day 32 -Wellesley College Club

We are all in a great big wooden room post show. It’s upstairs at the college club here in Wellesley Massachusetts. We are listening to Bob Dylan. It’s cold, by our standards.

Behind me as I write, huge black windows open onto a vista down to the lake. Were it not dark we would see the trees around the lake as they start to shine with drops of blood out of Deer in the heavens as she runs from Wolf and from betrayal. They aren’t fully spun to red yet, the trees, but they are shocking enough to be unusual and beautiful. And so are we, the five of us, in our little circle of light after the show…

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because it was cold in the world. I had forgotten that feeling and there’s a little spot of melancholy at knowing that the winter is coming. We have been avoiding that reality, hiding from the weather in Texas. Now I’m in my coat as I walk through the woods in Wellesley. It’s time to acknowledge that the winter will fall. It always does. There are things to find in it that are beautiful. But it’s happened somewhat quicker than usual, after flying out of San Antonio. And many things are coming to an end. Brian will be moving out soon. Pickle will have shared custody. I’ll return to a home life that tastes different from the one I left. And I’ll return to a winter. And I’ll return to CHRISTMAS CAROL, baby!! It’s confirmed. So that’s a triple snowball.

This is the last stop for me that’s familiar. From next week it’s all new. I love this college though. I wore the T-shirt out completely and now I’ve got given a new one just after the last one went to charity. Next week I’ll be in completely uncharted territory. I’m ready for that. I’m looking forward to it. But it’s nice to be here in the familiar. Julia came to the show tonight. I remember her well from five years ago. Dustin from Camino might come tomorrow, which would be amazing. Katherine did Camino a year before I did and had a friend come tonight. This job and my Camino are linked deeply.

I walked the Camino a year ago because I knew there was a company doing this job that had almost included me but didn’t. I didn’t have anything in the diary and I had mum’s holy water, which I didn’t know what else to do with. It made sense to me to go and walk off the professional angst alongside the remains of grief. I didn’t want to make friends on the walk. I wanted to be solitary. But even despite that desire I started walking with Marie by mistake. Then I had a week or so alone. But despite my desire to be “antisocial Joe” I didn’t manage to remain solo. I made more friends than I could’ve expected.

I’m enjoying retrospective Camino. I might dedicate tomorrow’s blog to it, as it’s the anniversary of the day I had a comparatively short walk and took photos of every single marker. Meanwhile here’s a silly dressing room shot.


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