Wrong train

The train should’ve left by now. It’s filling up still but it’s ten minutes late. This is because it’s actually the wrong train. Yep. Nice one Al.

Sometimes, to mix it up, Great Western swaps the platform for the 17.22 to Hereford. Keeps us on our toes. Today was one of those fun swap days. Bugger. I’m sitting on the 17.33 to somewhere not including Oxford. Thankfully it still goes to Reading where I can change. In fact, by sheer chance, I won’t be much later than usual – so long as people don’t start running around on the tracks again.

I finally had a good sleep last night, staying over in Oxford, so I’m back in the room for Twelfth Night in terms of energy. Good thing too as we did Act V which is tough with so few people and even tougher with the company not fully formed. I’m enjoying Belch and banging my head against Antonio, perhaps because I don’t think he should be funny. Maybe if I just sack that blockage and go full pirate it’ll be a problem solved. It just won’t be quite to my instinctive taste. Often it’s the problems that turn into your favourite part of the playing though. We’ll work it out.

It’s still pretty stressful, this commute. In the state I’m in, I’m exceptionally glad of the no motorbike thing. I’d probably be mangled up already, which would make it harder to play Belch (but facilitate the decision for Antonio as I’d already have a pegleg.)

Now I’m sitting at Reading. Still got my neck cushion on but haven’t been able to snooze owing to my train mistake. I’ll be a wee bit later than I usually am but I worked some contingency time into the plan just for this sort of eventuality, and my costume goes on quickly and easily with no make-up involved. They won’t have to delay the show.

It’s good to know that I’m capable of this sort of double up madness, but in future I’d definitely prefer all the jobs to be in the same town if possible, not to be demanding. Now I’ve worked out how to portion my energy the only losses are teambuilding, company fun and spare time. I won’t get to ever go for a drink with the Twelfth Night company after rehearsals until Tempest is finished. I won’t get to do fun lunches in the daytime with Tempest. I’ll be sad when Tempest is finished though. It’s great craic…

Well I made it in time for the show. I have suspected for some time now that my guardian angel is run ragged looking after me, but she came up trumps when even the wrong train was going in the right direction. “Welcome to the GWR non stop train to Swansea.” That might have led to delays as a man with his shirt wrapped round his head pulled the emergency alarm and pranced out the window howling “I’m the king! My subjects need me! Those hope boats don’t float alone!”

Now I’m back at the train station waiting for the train home. I would be very curious to see the results of this Fitbit… I’m run ragged, but every room I stop in is a beautiful place to be.

We got cake from an audience member…



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