Another lazy Sunday

I’m getting ready for bed. Still not fully conversant with how the next two weeks will pan out in terms of energy levels. I went to Specsavers today to jump through some hoops in order to get more contact lenses. I don’t trust them as opticians but I do trust their prices. I’ll let them run their finger down the checklist with me as long as there’s vision at the end of it. I know that there’s no personal service or specific knowledge. You’re just a number. But I can be a number when it saves me money. And if you’re careful you can walk out of Specsavers very cheaply. I didn’t today though. I let myself be upsold. Inshallah. I’ll have enough lenses for America which is what matters. And some expensive frames.

I enjoyed a day down today. It’s the last possible for some time. Two Italian plumbers came round in the morning and hoovered the blockage I’ve been trying to flush. They validated my choice of coffee. They told me that they struggle to buy acid as well. “They’ll sell it to you if they know you. Even if I come in like this with my overalls covered in muck -they won’t sell if they don’t know you.”

Probably for the best in these divided times. Just not for my antique pipes. I used to put strong acid down once every month or so. Since it’s become scarce I haven’t been able to, which led to the block that just took up so much of my time. I’ll have to be careful what goes down the plug in future. I’m sure that a large part of the sludge block was made of casually flushed coffee grains. Whatever it was, I don’t want it happening again.

It’s not midnight yet but this is my last shot at an early bed. I’m horizonal and Pickle is splayed out against the side of my leg. She’s a cutie. I’ll miss her when I’m on my travels. But it feels like bedtime.

In another world I’d have a big bike parked in the street below my head. Tomorrow morning I’d be guddering to Brixton so I could scream up to Oxford post rehearsals and arrive exhilirated and trembling in time to play the king. As it has panned out, I’m at the mercy of the trains and thus the weather. It’s not an exact science, but this week will bear out the shape of things before next week takes another fifteen minutes away. My heartrate will be to do with the efficiency of the tubes and the efficiency of Great Western Railway. I think those scientists might still attach a monitor to me but even if they don’t I might kick my old Camino Fitbit into gear.

Meanwhile I’m off for an early bed, expensive glasses or no.



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