Falling off the wagon last night left me pretty fragile all day. I start rehearsal tomorrow morning in Oxford but rather than go up there tonight I ended up burrowing into piles of softness and lounging with Pickle for hours. It’s 8pm and I just woke up from a snooze. I think I’m going to get another glass of water, set an alarm and crash back down until like 5am tomorrow. I’ll get an early bus up from Victoria with whatever I can hastily pack into an overnight bag for the week. Rehearsal doesn’t start until ten so I’ll have a few good hours in the morning to get my shit together. This sounds like a good plan right now. Tomorrow morning at 5 I might disagree with myself. But that’s for tomorrow morning me. Sleepy Sunday Al is thrilled with this idea.

Last night might have been very different sober. I wouldn’t have lasted so long though. We had to pay £15 on the door to get assaulted by mostly terrible music all night. There was a brass band playing dance music which started hopefully but it devolved from there. I’m amazed I stayed as late as I managed, and I’m not surprised that it basically wiped out the entirety of the next day for me. So much for all my plans around vacuum bags and clothes, and selecting the right things to take to Oxford. I’m going to get whatever ill thought through bits and bobs morning Al shoves into a bag and have them until the weekend. ‘Twill be fine.

I had a hot bath. I think it’s part of why I’m so sleepy. It was boiling and I gently poached myself in it. Then I managed to keep down a bowl of Shreddies. I didn’t trust myself last night. There’s a bucket by my bed. But the Shreddies stayed down and were the beginning of the long road to recovery involving Dr Pepper and expensive pizza that at last finds me here under the cat forging inanities so I can crash in plenty of time.

Meanwhile there are two WhatsApp groups that have just been created for The Tempest and tomorrow morning I’m going to meet a load of new people who I’ll end up doing fun stuff with for the next few weeks in Oxford. Some of them are in Jericho having a drink and I’m glad I’m in London in my pajamas contemplating a really early bed and early wake. I think I’ll get back on the wagon as it’s a lot clearer up there and nothing like as expensive. All the unlearned and half learned lines are pinging around in my head and we are only going to have a little more than a week to ping them all together and get this show on the road. It’s a quick turnaround, but I trust the creative team here. I don’t think I know any of the other actors but the company are old friends. Something to look forward to. A change of pace. But for now, brush teeth and back to Dreamland.



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